Shots from prosecutor general’s new home at Boyana residence shown on 74th day of protests

On the 74th day of anti-government protests, shots from the new home of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev – the so-called Нome No.5 in the Sofia suburb Boyna - were shown on the façade of what was once the “party house”, and is now the building of the National Assembly.

The so-called “toxic trio” said that the Home No.5, which is part of the government and presidential residence, has undergone a major overhaul and the photographs showed the renovated rooms. Nikolay Hadjigenov, lawyer, who is one of the “toxic trio” commented that this was obviously how corruption was being battled in this country.

Arman Babikyan, also from the “toxic trio”, on his part stated, that the government had gone into all-round defence, and to avoid meeting people from the protests, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov had taken a ride to villages in the Rhodopes which are in the constituency of Movement for Rights and Freedoms MP Delyan Peevski, where he had bragged about several kilometres of village road, built on our money.

Last night the protesters once again blocked Eagles’ Bridge for a few hours, stating that they will continue to express their position as citizens until the prime minister and the prosecutor general hand in their resignations.

“Get eggs and tomatoes ready – we shall be taking you somewhere we have never been before,” the “toxic trio” stated and urged protesters to come to the Grand National Uprising planned for 22 September, Independence Day. 

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