Walking the cobblestone streets of Blagoevgrad’s old quarter "Varosha"

Many Bulgarian cities have preserved intact the spirit of the National Revival Period. Blagoevgrad is one of them. It is enough to take a walk in its old quarter in order to feel like travelling at least 150 years back in time. The Varosha quarter dates back to the 18th century. At that time it was the only Christian part of the city. Initially, Varosha consisted mainly of one-storey rural buildings.

The beautiful houses from the National Revival, which are symmetrical and strongly influenced by the urban architecture, were built in the XIX century. One can visit the regional museum of history, galleries and craft workshops, as well as the church, built in the quarter back in 1844. Because of the exceptional qualities of the frescoes and the iconostasis, which are the work of famous master craftsmen from Bansko, the church has been declared a national monument of culture.

You will learn more about the preserved architecture and the atmosphere of this southern Bulgarian city from the publication  “Blagoevgrad’s Varosha quarters” from the collection of Radio Bulgaria.

Compiled by: Veneta Nikolova

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