Bulgarian and Turkish truck drivers protest at Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint

| обновено на 02.12.20 в 12:59

Truck drivers went on a protest today at the Bulgarian-Turkish border in the area of ​​the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint today at 11 am. 
The reason for their discontent is the slow processing of passing trucks and loads at the border controls between the two countries, which leads to the forming of kilometre-long queues as some trucks need to wait at the border for 2-3 days. This has been announced by the Union of International Carriers in Bulgaria and the Association of Carriers of Turkey.
Truck transport organizations are calling for urgent measures to speed up the handling of goods and the passage of trucks.

The customs authorities explained that a procedure for the construction of an additional route at "Kapitan Andreevo" to serve international carriers is underway. Negotiations are underway with the Turkish side for an equal work schedule of Bulgarian and Turkish employees, which will save hours of waiting time.