GDP for 2020 declines by 4.2% compared to 2019

The Bulgarian economy grew during the fourth quarter of last year by 2.2% compared to the previous quarter, but shrank by 3.8% on a yearly basis, preliminary National Statistical Institute data show.

Over the entire 2020 the GDP of the country shrank by 4.2% compared to 2019. During the pandemic year, 2020, Bulgaria’s GDP reached a nominal value of 118.605 billion Leva (60.642 billion euro), or 17.109 Leva of the index value (8,748 euro) per capita of the population. The industrial sector created 26.5% of the added value of the economy, the services – 69.5%, and the agrarian sector– 4.0% of the added value. The value of final consumption last year stands at 79.3% of the GDP. 

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