Bulgarian National Radio starts "Land of Talents" in support of Bulgarian music

The Bulgarian National Radio and Musicautor, the organization responsible for copyright management in this country, are launching a joint initiative aimed at promoting new Bulgarian music among a wider range of radio listeners and Internet users.

 The idea came from the Musicautor team. Yassen Kozev, chairman of the board of the association, points out that many new music works have been registered recently, but sometimes they do not reach the general public for a number of reasons. 

The section called "Land of Talents" will include projects supported by Musicautor's Cultural Fund over the years. It will be broadcast in 44 shows in all BNR programs, including the regional ones, and will consist of short interviews with the authors, followed by their music. 

Listeners will have the opportunity to listen to music from different genres - pop, rock, classical, folklore.

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