Unique Roman mosaics exhibition unveiled in Stara Zagora on World Tourism Day

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On the occasion of September 27 - World Tourism Day, the exhibition "The Episcopal Basilica and the Roman Mosaic Heritage of Philippopolis" is presented. 

Citizens and guests of the city will have the opportunity to see 25 photographs and information boards that show the splendour of late antique mosaics in three of the most representative monuments of Roman mosaic art in Philippopolis - the Episcopal Basilica, the Small Basilica and the House of Eirene, Radost Ivanova, Executive Director of the Organization for Management of the Thracian Tourist Region, has told Radio Stara Zagora.

"Emperor Constantine was responsible for Philippopolis to have such a large and beautiful basilica. He moved the capital of the empire from Rome to Constantinople and so Philippopolis was very close to the capital," she adds.

Many of the mosaics depict birds, which are symbol of the Garden of Eden.

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