Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Monday, October 18, 2021

Significant clouds are in the forecast for Bulgaria for Sunday night. Occasional showers are expected in some mountain areas. The minimum temperatures will range between 4°C and 9°C.

The clouds will begin to disperse on Monday. The chance of precipitation is very low. Morning mists are expected in the valleys and along the river basins. Daytime temperatures will increase slightly and the maximum temperatures will range from 12°C to 17°C.

Significant clouds are expected along the Black Sea coast. Light showers are possible in some portions of the seacoast. Light northwesterly winds are expected. The maximum temperatures will reach 15°C-16°C. The seawater temperature is also 15°C-16°C.

Cloudy weather is in the forecast for the mountains. Light showers are possible in some mountain areas. The clouds will begin to dissipate in the afternoon hours. Light to moderate northwesterly winds are expected, The maximum temperature at 1,200 meters will be around 10°C, at 2,000 meters-around 3°C.

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