Upper grades students to switch over to in-person learning when Education Ministry receives the necessary Covid-19 tests

Students from the 5th to the 12th grade will return to school when we receive the Covid-19 tests promised by the Ministry of Health, this country’s caretaker Minister of Education and Science Professor Nikolay Denkov said for bTV. Currently, there are nearly 400,000 Covid-19 tests in stock, but they will be used for lower grades students only. 

In Minister Denkov’s words, coronavirus morbidity among teachers and students has decreased significantly. In the past two weeks, nearly 1,000 people aged 19 and under were diagnosed with Covid-19, while during the peak of the fourth coronavirus wave, their number neared 2,500 on a two week basis. More than 10% of the upper grades students have been vaccinated or have had Covid-19, Professor Denkov further said.

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