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BSP leader Kornelia Ninova congratulates President Radev on his position on anti-corruption law

Kornelia Ninova and Rumen Radev
Снимка: BGNES

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) agrees with President Rumen Radev that the government's anti-corruption law will not provide a way to combat high-level corruption.

In a statement, sent to the media, BSP leader Kornelia Ninova congratulates the president on his position on the anti-corruption law. The BSP states that it has drafted an anti-corruption law of its own, on which the party is opening consultations with the academic community, judges, prosecutors, lawyers. Yesterday, President Radev called the government's draft bill “a simple sum of structures that have thus far been ineffective and will not solve the problems of the corruption model of governance.”  He is insisting on a single and independent body that will close the cycle of information-report-investigation- indictment.

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