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Bulgarian Parliament adopts State of Emergency Act on second reading

Снимка: BGNES

At second reading, the Bulgarian National Assembly has adopted the State of Emergency Act. During a state of emergency, employers will only be able to place staff on paid leave; they are also required to provide safe working conditions. Business trips are stopped. Entertainment and gaming halls, discos, bars, restaurants and malls are closed. Sports, cultural events and prison visits have also been ended.

The Minister of Health has the right to impose additional restrictions. The military can apply emergency measures, carry out identity checks and stop traffic. Until the state of emergency is lifted, the consequences of delayed payment of interest owed, such as interest and penalties, shall cease to have effect. Constraints and time limits in pending cases are stopped. Notary proceedings are restricted to the most urgent ones. All announced public sales shall be suspended. The validity of identity cards and driving licenses shall be extended by 6 months. The deadline for payment of electricity bills is extended from 10 to 20 days.

At the decision of mayors, the unemployed registered with the Labor Offices will be able to undertake socially useful work related to disinfection if proven necessary. The requirement for family benefits to be made conditional on regular attendance of the child in kindergarten or school is temporarily suspended.

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