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The 45th National Assembly and how it is receding into history

The shortest-lived National Assembly in the country’s modern history. That is the briefest description that can be given to the last Bulgarian parliament and its work. During its lifetime, lasting less than one month, the 240 members of..

11.05.21 09:10 |

Is a parliamentary consensus possible for the formation of a new government?

The 45 th National Assembly officially started its work . There are two brand new parties in parliament, and 117 brand new faces out of the total of 240 MPs. Still, one of the first parliamentary votes garnered an impressive majority. With..

16.04.21 14:46 |

Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association calls for measures to support economy

The Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) called on the new 45th National Assembly to support measures for economic development. In a declaration to Bulgaria’s Parliament, BICA called for efficient administration and transparent governance..

14.04.21 17:27 |
Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev

State Gazette expected to promulgate President Radev’s decree convening the 45th National Assembly

President Radev’s decree convening the first sitting of the newly elected 45th National Assembly on April 15, 2021 is expected to be promulgated in an extraordinary issue of the State Gazette today. This country’s President Rumen Radev signed the..

14.04.21 05:00 |

President Radev convenes 45th National Assembly on April 15

Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev has signed a decree to convene the 45 th National Assembly on April 15, announced the press secretariat of this country’s head of state. The decree is expected to be promulgated in the State Gazette on April 14...

13.04.21 12:24 |
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