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"Vanilla" – a new old song of Vladimir Ampov-Grafa

A few days ago, Vladimir Ampov aka Grafa presented his song "Vanilla", with the special participation of famous Bulgarian violinist Vesko Eshkenazi, concertmaster of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. The music, lyrics and arrangement are by Grafa...

16.11.21 16:51 |

Meeting Vincent and Rembrandt

"One must have died many times to paint this way. They rightly call Rembrandt a magician,” Vincent van Gogh wrote with admiration for his compatriot in one of his letters to his brother Theo. Two centuries separate two of the greatest Dutch..

28.07.21 11:20 |

More flights from Sofia to Amsterdam and London for upcoming holidays

The Bulgarian national airline Bulgaria Air has announced that it will increase the number of flights between the Bulgarian capital city and some of the largest transfer points in Europe - London and Amsterdam, for the upcoming Christmas and New Year..

18.11.20 09:04 |

Bulgaria’s authorities trying to contact passengers of Bulgaria Air flight from Amsterdam to Sofia on April 26

The Bulgarian authorities are trying to contact the passengers of Bulgaria Air who flew from Amsterdam to Sofia on April 26, because 3 people on board this flight have been diagnosed with Covid-19, Bulgaria's National Crisis Headquarters announced...

29.04.20 15:22 |
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