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Tomislav Donchev

GERB expects a revanchist cabinet

It is logical to expect that the caretaker cabinet will behave in the spirit of revenge because of everything that President Rumen Radev has said about the GERB government, the resigned Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev told BNR . He also commented..

09.05.21 15:23 |

Public Council of the Bulgarian National Radio demands restoration of media's cut budget

The Public Council of the Bulgarian National Radio has called for a moratorium on the reduction of funding for the public-service media.  "We demand that BNR's budget subsidy be restored to its original amount," the council members wrote in a letter..

09.05.21 10:12 |
Andon Baltakov

Andon Baltakov asks Premier Borissov why BNR’s budget has been cut while BNT’s and BTA’s budgets have been increased

The Director General of the Bulgarian National Radio Andon Baltakov wrote to Bulgaria’s Premier Boyko Borissov, asking him why the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria had decided to reduce the budget of the BNR by EUR 229,621 with the..

14.04.21 19:59 |
Director General of BNR Andon Baltakov

Bulgarian National Radio director Andon Baltakov withdraws resignation

The Director General of the Bulgarian National Radio, Andon Baltakov, has announced that he will withdraw his resignation, deposited with the Electronic Media Council. This happened earlier today at a general meeting of all employees of the media which..

30.10.20 16:26 |
Raina Konstantinova

Raina Konstantinova: Amendments to Radio and TV Act do not offer a perspective

“The Radio and Television Act is like a Mexican blanket – it has been repaired several times but there is no law cast in one piece equal to the current situation and with a perspective of at least 5 years,” Raina Konstantinova, former director of the..

25.10.20 13:15 |

Ministry of Culture responds to resignation submitted by BNR Director-General Andon Baltakov

The Ministry of Culture sent their position this morning in response to the resignation submitted by the Bulgarian National Radio’s Director-General Andon Baltakov yesterday. Andon Baltakov is also demanding the resignation of Minister of..

22.10.20 12:57 |
Andon Baltakov

Bulgarian National Radio Director-General submits resignation

The Director-General of the Bulgarian National Radio Andon Baltakov has submitted, to the Council for Electronic Media, a request for the early termination of his contract. The Council has expressed the hope that he will reconsider his decision to..

21.10.20 18:51 |
BNR Director General Andon Baltakov

Andon Baltakov: BNR is not state agency

No one has ever attempted to use me to exert political influence on the public radio broadcaster , Director General of the Bulgarian National Radio Andon Baltakov said during the Career Hive fair in Sofia. Andon Baltakov categorically said that he..

17.09.20 18:47 |
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