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Bulgaria's MEP Angel Dzhambazki

VMRO: Skopje must dismantle counterfeits of Macedonian statehood

The possible negotiations for North Macedonia’s EU membership go through the dismantling of the counterfeits of Macedonian statehood , Bulgaria’s MEP and Deputy Chairman of VMRO party Angel Dzhambazki said. On occasion of the work of the..

24.06.19 17:23 |

Angel Dzambazki invites new MEPs to develop common strategy on Mobility 1 Package

Angel Dzhambazki from MVRO who was again elected for member of the European Parliament invited Bulgarian MEPs, haulers and the Ministry of Transport on a debate, in order to develop a common strategy on Mobility 1 Package. In an interview for the..

17.06.19 10:58 |

Attitude of Serbia towards Bulgarian minority is intolerable, MEP Angel Dzhambazki says

"This double-faced policy on the part of Serbia must stop as it continues to play the same game it has played over the past 50 years. The recent steps of the Zaev cabinet in Macedonia towards Bulgaria is what actually irritates Belgrade," MEP Angel..

12.11.17 13:41 |

Angel Dzhambazki to approach European Commission and European Parliament over failed medical initiative in Bosilegrad

Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzhambazki is to approach the European Commission and the European Parliament over the failed gratuitous medical initiative in the Western Outlands. The Serbian authorities did not allow Bulgarian doctors from the First..

11.11.17 15:20 |
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