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Travel, believe, love: The incredible life of Elena Krapcheva

Her life is like a movie… or like some kind of Bulgarian version of Eat Pray Love. And the moral is – believe in yourself and embrace freedom because fortune favours the bold. “Maybe what I have learnt all of these years is that you have to..

28.06.22 13:16 |

Nearly BGN 11 million provided for Antarctic research

A total of BGN 10.8 million under the National Polar Research Program will be used to finance research in the region of Antarctica and the Arctic, the press center of Bulgaria’s Ministry of Education and Science announced. Apart from the support..

18.06.22 11:10 |

Hydrobiologist Dr. Vesela Evtimova and her studies of tiny creatures in Antarctica

Antarctica has inspired a multitude of geographic discoveries of the past. What we call “Antarctica” is, in fact, the region covering the continent Antarctica, plus the waters and the island territories in the Southern Ocean or around 20%..

25.05.22 12:26 |

Ten more geographical places in Antarctica receive Bulgarian names

As an active participant in the research of Antarctica, Bulgaria is among the countries that give new names to geographical objects on the Ice Continent. They have already exceeded 1,400, and among the new ones are the names of the bays Big and Small..

12.02.22 13:58 |
The Bulgarian Polar Base on Livingston Island

Bulgarian geologists to study the precious metals in Antarctica

Two Bulgarian geologists will work on a research project in Antarctica. They are part of the second group of polar explorers in the 30th Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition.  All 11 Bulgarians in the group are healthy. They are waiting in a 10-day..

15.01.22 15:23 |
The Saints Cyril and Methodius ship

Bulgaria’s Antarctic expedition to sail on board Bulgarian research ship

The Bulgarian research ship Saints Cyril and Methodius should set sail for the Bulgarian base in Antarctica by the end of 2022. Prof. Hristo Pimpirev , director of the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute and leader of the Bulgarian Antarctic..

14.01.22 11:04 |

Bulgarian scientific base in Antarctica has started work for the new season

The Bulgarian Antarctic base "St. Kliment Ohridski" has been opened for the new polar research season with a 20-day delay. Chilean warship Galvarino managed to bring the 15 Bulgarian polar explorers with 10 tons of construction..

29.12.21 10:04 |

Bulgaria Today – December 16, 2021

In “Bulgaria Today” on Thursday, December 16, we bring you first the latest news stories from this country. Next on the show we tell you more about the protection of Antarctica and the difficult start of this year’s Bulgarian expedition to the..

16.12.21 18:00 |

Sofia University is hosting international seminar for Antarctic researchers

The Spanish Embassy in Sofia , ​​in cooperation with the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute , is organizing a seminar on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Atlantic Treaty, known as the Madrid Protocol..

15.12.21 06:55 |

Bulgarian polar researchers set off for Antarctica after 10-day quarantine in Chile

The first group of 15 Bulgarian polar explorers from the 30th anniversary Antarctic expedition are already on board a Chilean warship and in a few hours will sail to Antarctica, wrote on Facebook the head of the Bulgarian polar expedition Prof. Hristo..

04.12.21 17:49 |

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