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Bulgarian polar explorers have returned home

Today, with a flight from Paris, the participants in the 29th Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition to the Livingston Island returned to Bulgaria. This happened with almost a month delay after a crew member of the Chilean icebreaker Aquiles..

19.04.21 19:27 |

Bulgarian Antarctic expedition expected to reach Livingston Island on Feb 25

The six Bulgarian polar explorers from the 29th National Antarctic Expedition are expected to arrive on Livingston Island on February 25th and open the season at St. Kliment Ohridski's base . The group of scientists whose number has been reduced because..

25.02.21 07:05 |

Bulgarian national flag handed to new Antarctic expedition

For more than three decades, Bulgarian researchers and scientists have been opening the doors to knowledge that could be a key to the future of the world, President Rumen Radev said in a congratulatory address to the 29th..

29.01.21 17:41 |
 The Spanish research ship Hesperides

Covid-19 postpones departure of Bulgaria’s polar explorers to Antarctica

The 29 th Bulgarian expedition to Antarctica has been postponed a day before the planned departure of the polar explorers. Six Bulgarian scientists were supposed to leave for the icy continent, and more precisely Livingston Island , where..

11.01.21 14:02 |
The Bulgarian camp on Livingston Island

New Bulgarian expedition to Antarctica amid coronavirus pandemic

A group of six Bulgarian polar explorers is preparing to leave for the Frozen Continent (Antarctica) on January 12. The Bulgarian Antarctic base is located on Livingston Island, in the western part of the continent. Professor Hristo..

10.01.21 06:00 |

Theodosii Spassov about the music of Antarctica

Kaval-player of world renown Theodosii Spassov is the first solo performer to have played on all continents on the planet. At the moment he is a member of the 28 th Bulgarian Antarctic expedition, together with guitarist Hristian..

18.02.20 11:46 |

President Rumen Radev: Bulgaria is among the leading countries in the Antarctic exploration and research

In 2019 we mark thirty years of presence of the Bulgarian science in the research of Antarctica, this country’s President Rumen Radev reminded at a ceremony when the national flag was presented to the participants at the 28 th Bulgarian Antarctic..

11.11.19 11:52 |

Bulgaria starts building new research laboratory in Antarctica

This year, Bulgaria is starting to build a new modern scientific-research laboratory in Antarctica on the place of the existing Bulgarian polar base there. This was announced by Professor Hristo Pimpirev, Director of the National Center for Polar..

29.07.19 17:41 |
Petar Stoychev

Petar Stoychev to take part in first swimming race in the icy waters of Antarctica

Just a few hours from now Bulgarian swimmer Petar Stoychev and 15 other swimmers from 9 countries are leaving by ship from Punta Arenas in Chile bound for Antarctica, where they will take part in the first swimming race ever organized in the icy..

16.11.18 15:39 |

27th Bulgarian expedition is leaving for Antarctica

The first group from the 27 th Bulgarian Antarctic expedition – a logistics team of eight, plus two biologists - is setting out for the South Pole on 9 November. Another three groups of expedition members will leave in December and January. This..

08.11.18 16:57 |
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