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President attends celebration of April Uprising anniversary

Residents and guests of the village of Petrich near Zlatitsa participate in the celebration of the 145th anniversary of the outbreak of the April Uprising in the area. President Rumen Radev is g uest to the event and..

08.05.21 14:17 |
Reenactment of April Uprising in Klisura

April Uprising is message for the future, battle for statehood is relevant today

Today Bulgaria's Klisura, Koprivshtitsa and Panagyurishte mark the 145th anniversary of the start of the April Uprising /according to Gregorian calendar/. A prayer and a liturgical procession were held in Panagyurishte. Vice President Iliana..

01.05.21 15:36 |

145th anniversary of April Uprising

The 145th anniversary of the outbreak of the April Uprising is being marked with various events throughout the country. The uprising started prematurely on April 20, 1876 in the town of Koprivshtitsa. 145 years later,..

20.04.21 11:43 |

Professor Andrey Pantev: March 3 marks the resurrection of the Bulgarian state

On March 3, 1878, the San Stefano Peace Treaty was signed, resurrecting the Bulgarian state after almost five centuries of Ottoman rule. The dream of thousands of Bulgarian intellectuals, enlighteners and revolutionaries, who fought and died for the..

03.03.21 06:15 |

Koprivshtitsa – a town with beautiful architecture and rich history

Koprivshtitsa is a small Bulgarian town located at the foot of Sredna Gora mountain range. Getting a first-hand experience of the cobblestone streets and the colorful Revival Period houses lends you the feeling of travelling back in time...

27.02.21 07:10 |

Bulgaria marks 165 years since birth of Bulgarian Revival Period heroine Rayna Knyaginya

On January 18, 1856 Rayna Popgeorgieva was born in the town of Panagyurishte. Known by the nickname "Rayna Knyaginya" (Rayna the Princess), she was a Bulgarian teacher and a midwife who sewed the main insurgent flag of the Panagyurishte Revolutionary..

18.01.21 07:05 |

Series of events marking April Uprising anniversary in Bulgaria continue

Today, President of the Bulgarian National Assembly Tsveta Yancheva takes part in events marking solemnly the 143-rd anniversary of the April Uprising. Yancehav is in the historical area of Oborishte, where in 1876 a decision was taken for starting the..

02.05.19 09:40 |
The town of Klisura

Bulgaria marks 143rd anniversary of April Uprising

The 143 rd anniversary of the April Uprising will be marked with a solemn rally on Tuesday night. The event will be held in the town of Klisura, South Bulgaria, whose residents played an important part during the April Uprising. Bulgaria’s President..

30.04.19 10:15 |

Memorial service commemorating 100th anniversary of death of Bulgarian revolutionary Raina Knyaginya to be held in Panaguyrishte

A memorial service commemorating the 100 th anniversary of the death of famous Bulgarian revolutionary Raina Knyaginya will be held in her native town of Panaguyrishte on Saturday (July 29). Rayna Knyaginya is popular for having sewn the flag of..

29.07.17 09:52 |

Culmination of events marking 141st anniversary of April Uprising

The culmination of the events marking the 141 st anniversary of the April Uprising will take place today at the historical site Oborishte near the town of Panagyurishte. Parliament President Dimitar Glavchev will take part in the commemorative meeting...

02.05.17 10:10 |
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