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The ancient settlement Aquae Calidae near Burgas reveals its secrets

Part of an ancient 1 st century Roman canal was unearthed during excavations of a Roman bath on the territory of an ancient settlement called Aquae Calidae this archaeological season. Structures from medieval rooms, built using mortar and mud as..

30.07.22 08:25 |

Burgas becomes Bulgaria’s new urban tourism destination

Burgas, which is the biggest city on the Southern Black Sea coast, has had a successful summer tourist season. “Until recently the holidaymakers vacating along the southern coastline used Bulgaria’s fourth largest city as a transport hub. Now,..

11.09.21 08:45 |

Four places to park you campervan in Burgas

The Black Sea city of Burgas now has 4 camperstops, announced the local municipality. The new camperstops have electricity, water and Internet. Moreover, tourists are welcome with their pets. The camperstops provide access for people with..

12.08.21 15:01 |

Archaeologists discover coins dating to 4th century near Burgas

During the excavations of Aquaе Calidae near Burgas, archaeologists have found over 40 coins, most of which date back to the 4th century. The scientific director of the archaeological complex Dimcho Momchilov also announced that more than 50 seals, a..

02.08.20 13:43 |

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