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AEJ calls on caretaker cabinet to restore the BNR’s budget subsidy to its original amount

The Association of European Journalists called on Bulgaria's caretaker cabinet to restore the Bulgarian National Radio ’s  budget subsidy to its original amount. In March and April this year , the budget of the Bulgarian National Radio was..

12.05.21 11:21 |

Why free speech still remains an unfulfilled dream for Bulgarian democracy

In Bulgaria, the date of November 10, 1989 is perceived as the beginning of the transition from Socialism to democracy. Three decades of slow readjustment of Bulgarian society followed. However, the initial joy and hope for a better life..

10.11.20 17:15 |
Dr. Iliya Valkov

Bulgarian journalists complain of political pressure

The media environment in Bulgaria in 2020 has been described as "development in stagnation", according to the fifth survey on the feeling of freedom of speech in the country, conducted by the Association of European Journalists with the financial..

09.10.20 16:18 |
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