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Anxiety among Bulgarians due to Covid-19 on the rise

6% of Bulgarians have had a Covid-19 infection and 5% are currently suffering from coronavirus , indicates a study by the Institute for Population and Human Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The fear of getting infected has increased..

22.11.20 15:06 |

Exhibition focuses on publishing activity of BAS

"150 years of publishing activity of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences" is the title of an exhibition, which opens today in front of the "Ivan Vazov" National Theater in the capital city. Еmblematic works illustrating the publishing activity of the..

02.11.20 05:10 |

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences presents "Roads of Balkan Icon-Painters"

In the "Prof. Marin Drinov" Hall, the Institute for the Study of Arts at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia will present its bilingual collection "Roads of Balkan Painters". It shows church frescoes from the post-Byzantine period and..

13.10.20 04:15 |

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to finance project for Bulgarian vaccine against Covid-19

The probability of a second peak of Covid-19 is real. The pandemic is steady, depending on level of compliance with anti-epidemic measures. We are currently seeing the effect of lifting the restrictions after the initial strict measures, Prof...

04.08.20 12:12 |

There is no second wave of Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Head of Microbiology Institute at BAS

During the past 24 hours, the highest number of new Covid-19 cases has been registered in Sofia and Varna, with 29 people in each city, according to the National Information Portal. The number of infected people hospitalized for treatment is also growing...

02.08.20 15:22 |

The Bulgarian invention: A disinfection robot that destroys Covid-19

Similar to their colleagues around the world, Bulgarian scientists are searching for different solutions to the problem of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as ways to facilitate daily lives with the pandemic. A recent Bulgarian invention..

11.07.20 09:00 |

Bulgaria says farewell to prominent scientist

On June 11, Thursday, at 11:00 in the Great Hall of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia people will say farewell to Academician Stefan Vodenicharov, who passed away on June 9, at the age of 75. Over the years, Stefan Vodenicharov was President..

09.06.20 20:10 |

Where can we explore space in Bulgaria

In today’s world, we have lost connection with the stars and few people only are able to find the most popular constellations in the night sky. However, there are also people who want to learn more about the planets..

26.05.20 10:04 |
Assoc. Prof. Penka Petrova

BAS: Ultraviolet rays kill the coronavirus

"We have been working with an analogue of the coronavirus, which was isolated back in the 1960s and from studying the reactions of this less pathogenic virus we can predict how antiviral substances would act on the current virus." This was what..

17.05.20 07:25 |

Bulgarian prototype of vaccine against Covid-19 to be ready in 3 months

The prototype of a Bulgarian anti-covid vaccine will be ready in 3 months. Long tests will follow, which normally last about a year, Assoc. Prof. Andrey Chorbanov, head of the Department of Immunology at the Institute of Microbiology of the Bulgarian..

14.05.20 10:45 |
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