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Celebration of 171st anniversary of Ivan Vazov's birth at Mezdra railway station

Participants in celebrations dedicated to the 171st anniversary of the birth of the most renowned Bulgarian writer, Ivan Vazov, will arrive in the town of Mezdra by train, pulled by BDZ’s huge steam locomotive nicknamed “Baba Metsa.” Vazov is..

07.08.21 04:20 |

Newest locomotive of BDZ named after two Bulgarian rulers

BDZ's newest locomotive, which is the 11th of a delivery of 15 new Smartron locomotives, arrived a few days ago in Bulgaria and has already made several trips. It is the first to bear the name of two rulers - Kings Peter IV and Ivan Asen I..

12.06.21 13:05 |

European Year of Rail 2021 - opportunity to complete Trans-European network

2021 has been officially declared the European Year of Rail . One of the reasons for the European Commission's proposal to receive pan-European support in the EP is the effect this type of transportation would have on EU goals of achieving..

12.01.21 15:08 |

Locomotives with names of Bulgarian rulers reduce travel time

The Bulgarian State Railways have welcomed the new year with two new locomotives named after Bulgarian rulers - "Asparuh" and "Tervel". These have been the first new machines for nearly 30 years, BNT reported. They are fully digitalized, with..

04.01.21 14:42 |

Digital application shows location of BDZ trains

BDZ introduces a new digital application that will allow users to track in real time the location of all passenger trains in Bulgaria. A virtual map displays in real time data on train locations, lines and timetable, BTA reported. Thus, users..

16.12.20 10:17 |

One company bids to supply new locomotives to Bulgarian State Railways

Siemens Tron Consortium remained the only company to submit a technical and bidding offer in the tender for the supply of 10 new electrical locomotives for the Bulgarian State Railways. The estimated value of the contract is more than EUR 29.4..

13.04.20 16:13 |

Three members of Bulgarian State Railways board of directors resign

Three members of the board of directors of BDZ Holding (Deputy Minister of Transport and BDZ Board Chairman Velik Zanchev, BDZ Director Vladimir Vladimirov and the Financial Director of Holding BDZ Philip Alexiev) have resigned, Bulgaria’s Minister of..

08.11.18 12:34 |

Debts of Bulgarian State Railways to be covered by end of 2018, Transport Minister says

The implementation of a plan that envisages paying of the debts of the Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ) by the end of 2018 continue. This is what Bulgarian Minister of Transport Ivaylo Moskovski said in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio. The..

16.07.17 15:46 |

Press Review

Bulgaria’s printed media accentuate for the third consecutive day on the tragic accident on Hemus motorway last Sunday when a corroded metal lamp beam fell on a passenger vehicle in Echemishka tunnel and killed a 64 years-old Bulgarian woman who was..

08.02.17 09:57 |

Trains with new timetable as of today

The new railway timetable comes into effect in Bulgaria as of today. There will be changes in the departure and arrival time of some of the trains. The biggest problem for passengers and for the State Railways administration is the insufficient number..

11.12.16 10:25 |
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