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Do Sho and his dream of the sea “Close to the bay”

“There, close to the bay I will return to the sea… In the bay the sea whispers good things… Turn off the phone, come to me and don’t forget – only when you are lost you will find your paradise…” To many, that sounds like a dream come true, set to..

27.05.22 09:37 |

Light and freedom in the new song of “The Foundation”

"Let it be dawn!" This is how the new song by Kiril Marichkov and The Foundation starts. The band includes some of the stars of the Bulgarian rock scene. The music and the arrangement of the song “Svetlina” are work by Kiril Marichkov. It took..

28.01.22 15:01 |

G.R.A.S band ranks second in the BNR’s pop and rock music chart with its song “I am Flying”

G.R.A.S band was established at the end of 2004 by former members of the popular Fandango band. The name of the music band is an acronym from the initials of the first names of its members – Georgi Rusev – bass guitar and vocals, Rossen Senovski –..

19.01.22 14:33 |

Bulgaria Today – January 14, 2022

Welcome to “Bulgaria Today” on Friday, January 14.  A summary of the leading news stories today and a weather report for the weekend first.  Next, which is the most efficient cargo-carrying unmanned aerial vehicle and who are its creators – an..

14.01.22 18:00 |

"Muse" - the first single from Angel Dyulgerov’s debut album

"In the middle of 2019, a dozen of songs were born and I decided to leave them a bit ‘raw’ and collect them in an album," Angel Dyulgerov says in an interview with BNR. In early 2021 he presented the song "Muse"( Muza) . It is also the first..

09.12.21 16:08 |

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