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Rumen Radev

Rumen Radev: I chose the party with the best chance of forming a government

Asked by a journalist about his choice to hand the third mandate to the parliamentary group of the "BSP for Bulgaria", Head of State Rumen Radev said that he was looking for the party with the best chances to form a government.  Skepticism among the..

17.01.23 14:25 |

MPs fail to elect a National Assembly Speaker for the second consecutive day

T he members of Bulgaria’s Parliament failed to elect a National Assembly speaker for the second consecutive day . Thе nominations of Yordan Tsonev from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, Kristian Vigenin from the BSP for Bulgaria coalition..

20.10.22 18:01 |

Mediana polling agency: 8 parties and coalitions would enter Parliament if elections were held today

Eight or nine parties would enter the National Assembly if elections were held today, indicate data of a nationally representative survey conducted by the sociological agency Mediana. GERB/SDS would earn 22.8% of the vote. 17.1% would vote for..

06.09.22 14:48 |

Three political forces call for the formation of interim cabinet

We will offer a roadmap so that the Bulgarian citizens get a stable government for a period of 6 to 8 months, the Chairperson of "Stand up BG! We are coming!" coalition Maya Manolova said in the National Assembly. This cabinet must use the successful..

12.08.21 09:51 |
Plamen Nikolov

ITN is still looking for a candidate for minister of justice: Plamen Nikolov

“The positions of “There is Such a People” party (ITN) and “BSP for Bulgaria” coalition have converged on almost all issues,” said ITN’s nomination for prime minister Plamen Nikolov after the meeting between the two parliamentary groups. There has..

06.08.21 13:34 |
Maya Manolova after the meeting

Maya Manolova: We heard the names of the people nominated for ministers, we shall discuss them

The first of the meetings, scheduled for today by ITN (“There Is Such a People”) with “Stand Up BG! We are Coming!”, “Democratic Bulgaria” and BSP for Bulgaria has ended. As announced by Slavi Trifonov’s party, at these meetings ITN is to present the..

03.08.21 15:32 |

Distribution of Parliamentary seats to be promulgated in State Gazette on July 16

The official results of the early general elections and the distribution of the Parliamentary seats in the new 46 th National Assembly will be published in the 59 th issue of State Gazette on July 16. Later, Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev..

15.07.21 17:49 |

Central Election Commission distributes Parliamentary seats among the political forces

There is Such a People party (ITN), which won the snap Parliamentary election in Bulgaria, will have 65 MPs in the 46 th National Assembly, or 14 MPs more as compared to the previous 45 th National Assembly. The coalition GERB-SDS will be..

15.07.21 16:49 |
Kornelia Ninova, Rumen Petkov (middle), Georgi Kadiev

Left-wing political parties unite in coalition for upcoming elections

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has signed an agreement with the ABV party chaired by Rumen Petkov and Georgi Kadiev's civic platform "Normal State" for joint participation in the early parliamentary elections on July 11. The name of the..

22.05.21 13:29 |

Large left-wing coalition is being formed for upcoming elections

A large left-wing coalition will be formed for the elections on July 11th. The news was reported at a press conference by BSP leader Korneliya Ninova . After the talks, reliable partners of the BSP will be the ABV, "Movement 21" with leader..

21.05.21 12:38 |
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