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Project for tunnel under Shipka Pass in Bulgaria's Balkan Mountains not suspended

The contract for the construction of the tunnel under the Shipka pass in the Balkan Range in Central Bulgaria will be signed soon , said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and Pubilc Works Grozdan Karadjov . At a meeting in the..

28.01.22 11:03 |

A new trend: Bulgarian tourists book early for the holidays

The snow did not come late this year and the most impatient winter lovers are already exploring the ski slopes of Bulgaria’s winter resorts. Meanwhile, hoteliers and restaurateurs across the country are busy preparing for the Christmas and..

09.12.21 11:12 |

The village school in Bulgaria’s Stoletovo – from ruins to grandeur

When we compare the past and present of Bulgarian villages, we inevitably tend to think of the village schools. They were usually housed in a building with spacious rooms and tall windows, which let in a lot of light for the little ones who had..

09.11.21 15:55 |

Maglizh monastery’s past is cloaked in mystery

One of the most beautiful monasteries in Bulgaria rises in the midst of the Balkan Range, some 2 kms. from the district town of Maglizh, but few people take the time to go off the beaten track and find seclusion far from the human hustle and..

27.09.20 05:20 |

Elena, the town they once called the “Bulgarian Bethlehem”

Elena, a Revival-time town located in the central Balkan Range, attracts visitors with its ecotourism and cultural tourism opportunities, but it also holds a gastronomical allure. The centuries-long history of the town can be read in its..

21.06.20 07:55 |
Ostrich Peak

Babintsi: a magical village of sheer beauty

There are so many sights of inimitable beauty and charm to be discovered when you are travelling around Bulgaria, places with an energy that seems magnetic and some will stay with you forever. One such place is the portion of the Balkan Range in..

03.12.16 09:05 |
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