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Bulgarians in Bolhrad are preparing to celebrate the feast of their city

The Ukrainian city of Bolhrad, or the capital of the Bessarabian Bulgarians, as it is known, takes its name from the Bulgarian words "bol" - abundance, and "grad" - city. On August 25, the city will mark the 201st anniversary of..

24.08.22 14:57 |

Rayna Mandzhukova: The institutions in Bulgaria ought to take the problems of Bulgarians abroad seriously

One more time, the Executive Agency for Bulgarians Abroad is to present awards to the children of Bulgarians living in other countries who have taken part in song, drawing and literature contests dedicated to Bulgaria. The official award ceremony is..

03.08.22 13:15 |
Chain dance by the village of Kubei

"Give, my God, give rain!", or how the Bulgarians in the Bessarabian villages keep their traditions

The culture of the Bessarabian Bulgarians is still alive, only today it is found not in the cities, but in the villages, where the rituals are performed in their authentic form and not in some theatrical version intended for tourists, says..

20.07.22 17:25 |

War in Ukraine puts newspaper of Bessarabian Bulgarians on hold

The war which has been raging in Ukraine for close to half a year has forced Europe to make a number of decisions and choices that have been put off for years, and has changed the lives of millions on the European continent. More than 7 million..

12.07.22 11:10 |

Bessarabian Bulgarians in Brazil have not forgotten their roots

In 1925 and 1926, about 10,000 Bessarabian Bulgarians, lured by promises of a well-organized life, arrived in Brazil. However, their hopes were dashed. They were forced to work in the plantations for 2 years to cover the funds that Brazilian landowners..

23.06.22 13:48 |

The story of Bessarabian Bulgarians who immigrated to Brazil in the early 20th century

Most of Bulgarian immigrants to Brazil in the first half of the twentieth century were actually Bessarabian Bulgarians. This is a fact that greatly impressed Maya Daskalova when she translated the book "Immigration in Brazil and Uruguay:..

17.06.22 14:22 |

Memory of Hristo Botev is also honored outside Bulgaria

Every year on June 2, Bulgarians honor the memory of poet and revolutionary Hristo Botev and those who died for the Freedom of Bulgaria. Grateful generations lay wreaths and flowers in front of the numerous monuments to Botev in Bulgaria...

02.06.22 15:35 |

Ethnic Bulgarian Mariya Zhelyazkova from Chushmeliy: Our lives have ground to a halt

War is a bad thing. It leaves destroyed cities, shattered lives and a lot of sorrow behind. The war in Ukraine caused a wave of sympathy and connected people from different parts of the world with invisible threads. “Their compassion helped them..

03.05.22 12:56 |

Bessarabian poet Dimitar Borimechkov: "Homeland is where your soul is"

Bulgarians first set foot to Moldova more than 200 years ago. It was during the Ottoman rule. At the time many Bulgarians sought refuge outside their homeland and found it in Bessarabia. This was also the case with the family of..

30.04.22 08:25 |

George Kaish: Moldova is my mother country, Bulgaria – my ancestral homeland

He is just 19, but has already had a taste of success – as anchor of a talk show in Moldova, on radio Albena. For the past 6 months, George Kaish has been studying international economic relations at the University of National and World..

22.03.22 11:07 |

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