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A picture of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast from times before concrete invasion

"...We walked naked, hungry, salty and happy,” says journalist and writer Ivo Berov describing his memories of the Bulgarian seaside from the past. "Today it is hard to understand the unique thrill of having a chance to buy a bottle of..

21.07.22 17:20 |

Sozopol to celebrate its day with swimming marathon, folk music concert

With a holy liturgy in the church of St.St. Cyril and Methodius this morning, the holiday of the seaside town of Sozopol will be opened . Traditionally, a swimming marathon with a distance of 2 km will be held, and the best participants will receive..

17.07.22 06:35 |

Ancient Apollonia comes to life in Mesarite archaeological complex on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast

Far back in the past, the Mesarite area near the present-day town of Sozopol was an outlying territory of the ancient Greek colony of Apollonia of Pontius . Traces of buildings, burial facilities, ritual hearths and a well-formed road dating to..

16.07.22 08:50 |

Summer temperatures with cloudy spells, no rain expected on Wednesday

On Wednesday, the weather in Bulgaria will be sunny, with occasional cloudy spells in the afternoon but no significant precipitation. The maximum temperatures will be from 23 to 28°C, in Sofia - 23°C. It will be sunny along the Black Sea coast..

12.07.22 19:45 |

July Morning – the Bulgarian Black Sea coast tradition continues

Welcoming the first morning of July on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast to the sounds of music has become an established tradition full of positive feelings, which is observed and passed down to new generations. The celebration is influenced by the..

30.06.22 14:55 |

Fish Festival in Bulgaria’s Burgas attracts lovers of seafood

If you are planning a weekend by the sea, you could visit Bulgaria’s Southern Black Sea Coast and attend a Fish Festival. The event will take place on June 17 and 18 as the host is the Cultural and Tourist Complex Chengene Skele near Burgas...

17.06.22 07:10 |

A holiday by the sea 2022: The rising prices do not seem to be deterring holiday-makers

It looks like we are in for a successful summer season despite the long pandemic and the war in Ukraine which have been fueling a sense of unpredictability in the industry. However, according to the Institute for Analysis and Evaluation in..

07.06.22 13:46 |

Interest in buying real estate in Byala on the rise

The town of Byala is located on the borderline between the regions of Varna and Burgas, practically equidistant from the two seaside cities. The coastline of the municipality is a combination of rocks, coves and sandy beaches with dunes. In..

04.06.22 13:05 |
Bulgaria’s Deputy Premier Kalina Konstantinova

Kalina Konstantinova: Bulgaria can no longer afford to accommodate Ukrainian refugees at first line hotels on the Black Sea coast

Ukrainian refugees accommodated in hotels on the Black Sea coast, who have nowhere to go after May 31, will be temporarily received at  the accomodation facility of the Ministry of Defence  in Sarafovo residential district in  Burgas...

30.05.22 19:47 |

Bulgaria accommodates Ukrainian refugees at inland state facilities

The relocation of Ukrainian refugees from hotels on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast to inland state -owned accommodation facilities has begun.  More than 500 hotels will accommodate refugees. They will receive EUR 7.50 per person per day...

29.05.22 09:57 |

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