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Begliktash – one of the largest ancient Thracian sanctuaries in Bulgaria

Where the Strandzha mountain and the Black Sea meet, surrounded by an oak forest, lies one of the largest Thracian sanctuaries in Bulgarian lands - Begliktash. Located only 4 km south of the town of Primorsko and about 40 km from Bourgas, it..

22.12.20 13:43 |

Four routes around Lake Atanasovsko await their visitors

Lake Atanasovsko located on Bulgaria’s southern Black Sea coast is suitable for year-round hiking and biking tours. Recently, the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) presented 4 routes to the lake, which have already been uploaded..

19.12.20 05:25 |
Atanassovsko Lake by Burgas

Rediscover beauty of coastal lakes in Bulgaria along special tourist route

The largest complex of coastal lakes in Bulgaria is located near Bulgaria’s city of Burgas on the Black Sea coast. The total area of ​​the Atanasovsko, Pomoriysko, Mandrensko and Burgasko lakes is about 9,000 hectares, as over 3,000 of it has..

26.09.20 06:10 |

Agents for a safe airport experience – already also in Bulgaria

In times of a Covid-19 pandemic, flights landing at international airports have turned into a stressful experience. But fear of the unknown is definitely not an obstacle for many to pack their bags and head to their dream destination. And if..

25.09.20 12:14 |

Largest number of foreign tourist visits at Southern Black Sea coast are from Poland

The last charter flight to Bulgaria’s Southern Black Sea coast is scheduled for October 12. In August, charter flights were 78% less than charters in the same month in 2019 , the Regional Tourism Chamber in Burgas reports, quoted by BNR Burgas...

15.09.20 16:14 |
Polyanite locality above the rock landmark known as The Ships near Sinemorets

Citizens call for moratorium on construction in Standzha nature park

A civil petition calls for a moratorium on the construction activities in a perimeter of 300 meters from the beach in the villages of Sinemorets, Varvara and Rezovo and in the town of Ahtopol, Tsarevo municipality, on the southern part of the Bulgarian..

31.08.20 18:32 |
Minister Mariana Nikolova during her visit to Plovdiv

Bulgaria registers 60% decline in international tourism since start of 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Bulgaria has seen a 60% drop in international tourists since the beginning of the year, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova announced in Plovdiv.  There are 70,000 reservations on the Black..

06.08.20 13:45 |

Nessebar recounts memories from the time of the Ancient Thracians

A rocky piece of land, as if thrown into the sea, yet it is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. Asylum and security - this is probably what the ancient Thracians saw when they founded their city of Mesembria here more than three..

12.07.20 07:00 |

Is summer season at the seaside starting to get off the ground?

The Covid-19 pandemic has proved devastating for many sectors of Bulgaria’s economy, including summer tourism. We are so used to saying that the months of July and August are “high season”, but no longer. Owing to the corona crisis we are now..

08.07.20 11:09 |

Beaches on Bulgaria’s seacoast are full on the first weekend of July

The beaches on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast are full on the first weekend of July, the Bulgarian National Television announced . The tourism sector shows optimism about this year’s tourist season for the first time. Some hotels are almost fully booked..

04.07.20 14:10 |
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