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Balchik hosts "Sea of Rhythms" International Folklore Festival

Over 1000 people, keepers of Bulgarian spirit and traditions, gather in Balchik on the Black Sea from 21 to 24 September for the International Folklore Festival "Sea of Rhythms".  The festival will feature live performances by singers and dancers..

21.09.23 07:05 |
Адм. Ефтим Ефтимов

Russia has pulled out its warships from the Bulgarian zone in the Black Sea

There are currently no Russian warships in the Bulgarian economic zone in the Black Sea . This was stated by Chief of Defence Admiral Emil Eftimov. In his words, the Russian forces have withdrawn after preventive actions of the Bulgarian Navy and NATO...

20.09.23 18:16 |

Council of Ministers discussed the situation in the Black Sea

The Security Council of the Council of Ministers discussed the temporary warning zone in the Black Sea declared by the Russian Federation in the exclusive economic zone of Bulgaria.  The Council also considered a draft law submitted to the National..

10.08.23 16:30 |
Todor Tagarev

Russia extends temporary warning zone in the Black Sea

The designation of temporary warning zone in the Black Sea is usually done for a few days - while the military exercise lasts. More worryingly, Russia's 10-day notification period expired on July 28 and was extended by another 10 days for part of..

30.07.23 10:48 |

Russia to conduct naval exercises in part of Bulgaria's exclusive economic zone

The Russian Federation has released a public notification designating a temporary warning zone in the Black Sea in connection with the conduct of military exercises. The zone includes parts of Bulgaria's exclusive economic zone, the Bulgarian Defence..

27.07.23 15:30 |

PM Denkov in Vilnius: For the first time since the Cold War, NATO is preparing plans in case of an attack from the East

Bulgaria has already set defence spending at 2% of GDP in 2024 and even higher next year. This was stated by Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov before the start of the NATO summit in Vilnius.  Commenting on NATO's new regional defence plan for the Black..

11.07.23 14:13 |

NATO to announce plan for the Black Sea region

Three new regional plans to protect NATO allies will be adopted at the Alliance's summit in Vilnius next week, one of which covers the Black Sea region, Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at a briefing. He motivated the adoption of the..

07.07.23 18:14 |

No contamination from the explosion of the Nova Kakhovka dam has been found in Bulgarian waters yet

The latest data on the state of sea waters after the explosion of the wall of the Nova Kakhovka dam in Ukraine show no pollution in Bulgarian waters, the Ministry of Environment and Water said.  The outlook remains favourable for the country's..

03.07.23 15:16 |

Todor Tagarev: "Allies must help us to ensure the security of the Black Sea"

"Bulgaria must enable our allies to help us strengthen the security of the Black Sea basin through intelligence assets and kinetic actions."  This was stated by Defence Minister Todor Tagarev at a meeting with Bulgarian military attachés , in the presence..

03.07.23 14:10 |

Sea or mountain - in Nessebar you can have both

From this summer the guests of Nessebar can make their sea holiday even more enjoyable by combining it with a hiking trip at the foot of the Balkan Mountains. Recently, a new eco-trail with a total length of 4 631 m was opened in the vicinity of the..

02.07.23 07:30 |
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