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Bulgarian Drug Agency Executive Director Bogdan Kirilov

No Covid-19 vaccines are going to be discarded: head of Bulgarian Drug Agency

“The vaccination campaign in the country is slowing down,” Bogdan Kirilov, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Drug Agency warned in an interview for bTV. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is the most preferred vaccine. It will not come to..

08.06.21 13:56 |

Vaccination and production of vaccines in the EU pick up speed after the difficult start

“The European vaccination campaign is picking up speed. Europe is leading worldwide on revolutionary, life-saving mRNA. In the midst of unprecedented health crisis, Europe is the global vaccine champion, making vaccines available to the rest..

12.05.21 09:35 |
Bogdan Kirilov

Walk-in green corridors for vaccination remain open across Bulgaria

A total of 274,000 doses of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine arrived in Bulgaria on May 10 . For May alone, deliveries will be 2 million of the four different vaccines. Another 2.5 million doses are expected in June, BNR reported. The walk-in green..

10.05.21 11:44 |

There are no plans to recall the AstraZeneva vaccine: Bulgarian Drug Agency director

“There are no plans to recall the AstraZeneva vaccine,” said Bulgarian Drug Agency Director Bogdan Kirilov for BNT. He advised the people vaccinated with a first dose of AstraZeneca who did not have severe adverse effects after the first shot,..

21.04.21 10:10 |

There is no recommendation to take AstraZenava off the vaccination plan: Bulgarian Drug Agency director

“At this stage there is no indication that vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine should be stopped,” said Bogdan Kirilov, Director of the Bulgarian Drug Agency in an interview for bTV. “The evaluation of the European Medicines Agency (EMA)..

17.04.21 10:35 |
Bogdan Kirilov

Bulgaria expects delivery of Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines

In the last days of March, over 31,000 doses of Pfizer, over 51,000 of Moderna, and over 150,000 of AstraZeneca will be delivered to Bulgaria. A total of at least 650,000 doses are expected to arrive in April, including the vaccine Johnson &..

28.03.21 12:53 |

More and more people in Bulgaria say they want to get a vaccine: Bulgarian Drug Agency executive director

“Whereas in October and November no more than 20% of people in this country stated they wanted to get a Covid-19 vaccine, now their number has doubled with 40% saying they intend to get vaccinated,” Bogdan Kirilov, executive director of the..

26.03.21 12:58 |

Bulgaria expects to receive enough vaccines to resume vaccination

A shipment of 21,060 doses of the Pfizer vaccine has arrived in Bulgaria, Bogdan Kirilov, director of the Bulgarian Drug Agency, told Nova TV. On March 19, another 33,600 doses of the Moderna vaccine will arrive. Another 51,060 are expected after March..

15.03.21 10:34 |

Bulgaria introduces local measures against the spread of Covid-19

We are now witnessing the third wave of Covid-19 in Bulgaria. As a result, the coronavirus morbidity and occupancy of hospital beds have increased slightly, this country’s Minister of Health Professor Kostadin Angelov said at the regular weekly..

04.03.21 13:24 |

24% more coronavirus cases in comparison to last week

Health officials have expressed satisfaction with the current situation related to Covid-19 in the country. "We are pleased with the results achieved," Minister of Health Prof. Kostadin Angelov said at a regular briefing on the spread..

18.02.21 12:29 |
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