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Bulgarian school to open in Odessa

At a meeting with Bulgaria’s Consul General Svetoslav Ivanov, Chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration, Sergei Grinevetsky supported the idea of ​​opening a Bulgarian school in Odessa, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has..

30.01.21 13:30 |

Bulgaria marks the day of Bessarabian Bulgarians

In 1938, the descendants of the Bessarabian and Taurian Bulgarians laid the beginning of the celebrations dedicated to Bulgarians from Bessarabia. The occasion for the first celebration was the 100th anniversary of the consecration, in 1838, in the city..

29.10.20 06:10 |

Ukrainian ambassador says Bolhrad region will be preserved

President Rumen Radev has called on the Ambassador of Ukraine in Sofia Vitaly Moskalenko for a more active dialogue between Bulgaria and Ukraine and resumption of meetings of the Intergovernmental Commission for Economic Cooperation. Bulgaria expects..

17.06.20 18:23 |

Sofia should rely on negotiations, not emotions regarding Bulgarians in Ukraine

At its first meeting after the lifting of restrictions due to Covid-19, the Council for Work with Bulgarians Abroad under Vice President Iliana Yotova has discussed current issues of Bulgarian communities in historical diasporas . One topic on the..

17.06.20 14:22 |
Bulgarian High-School in Bolhrad, Ukraine

Protest in front of the Ukrainian embassy in Sofia over rights of Bulgarian minority

A protest in defense of the rights of the Bulgarian minority in Ukraine was held in front of the Ukrainian Embassy in Sofia today. The protesters demanded that a Bulgarian consulate be opened in the Ukrainian city of Bolhrad (Bolgrad) and that the..

06.06.20 18:10 |
Church of the Transfiguration of Christ in Bolhrad, Ukraine

80% of Bulgarians in Ukraine to have their own administrative centres

The administrative reform in the Bolhrad region in Ukraine took place without explanatory work, which caused tension, said Anton Kisse, a member of Ukraine's Rada talking to the Bulgarian National Radio. The mayor of the Bessarabian village of Babata,..

21.05.20 19:46 |
The Bulgarian High School in Bolgrad, established in 1858

Bulgarian Parliament adopts declaration in defense of Bolhrad Bulgarians in Ukraine

Bulgaria's Parliament has adopted by full consensus a declaration in defense of the Bulgarian community in Ukraine. The reason is the administrative-territorial reform that has started in Ukraine , which divides the Bolhrad region    into 5..

20.05.20 11:39 |

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