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Energy independence is attainable as long as politicians and experts pool their efforts

As the energy, social and economic crisis unfolds, Bulgaria is reopening the discussion of the implementation of the Fit for 55 package and the green transition to a low carbon economy. According to the advocates of the green idea, the..

16.06.22 11:47 |
Environment Minister Borislav Sandov

Until it puts in place air purification improvements, Maritza Iztok-3 TPP will not resume work, Environment Minister says

“Because of the costly emission quotas, coal-fired thermal power plants may have to close down for economic reasons,” Minister of Environment and Water Borislav Sandov stated in Blagoevgrad. Maritza Iztok-3 TPP, closed due to systemic..

14.05.22 15:42 |
Environment Minister Borislav Sandov

Maritza Iztok-3 TPP, closed due to systemic pollution, will not resume work, Environment Minister says

The EU Court of Justice has ruled that Bulgaria has not fulfilled its commitments under the quality of atmospheric air directive. If Bulgaria fails to change this state of affairs, the EU could, once again, file a suit against the country and impose..

12.05.22 14:12 |

Employees of Maritsa-3 thermal power plant stage a protest

Employees of Maritsa-3 thermal power plant in Dimitrovgrad took to the streets in protest. The protesters want to keep their jobs.  The thermal power plant stopped operation on April 21. With regard to the protest, Bulgaria’s Minister of..

09.05.22 18:16 |
Minister of Environment Borislav Sandov

Bulgaria and Serbia sign cross-border agreement on environment

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment Borislav Sandov paid an official visit to Belgrade, Serbia, where he signed, with his Serbian counterpart Irena Vujović, a cross-border agreement on environmental impact assessment and strategic..

07.05.22 10:35 |
Environment Minister Borislav Sandov during the Conference on the Transport of the Future

Bulgarian state to offer incentives to buyers of electric cars

A new bill envisions encouraging electric mobility and incentives to buy electric cars, Environment Minister Borislav Sandov said at a conference on Transport of the Future and Clean Energy.  In 3 years' time, the Euro 7 standard will be mandatory..

12.04.22 14:54 |

There is no radiation leakage after the fire at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

Fire broke out after fighting for the biggest nuclear power station in Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia. Firefighters have put out the fire at the training building, which is off the power station’s perimeter. Zaporizhzhia has 6 reactors. The power plant is now..

04.03.22 09:11 |
Environment Minister Borislav Sandov

Bulgaria will propose that coal-fired power stations function at times of highest consumption in winter: Environment Minister

“Instead of focusing on an exact date for the closure of coal-fired power stations, Bulgaria will propose, in its Recovery and Resilience Plan, that they function only at times of highest consumption in winter”, Deputy Prime Minister of Climate..

10.02.22 17:05 |
Bulgaria's Minister of Environment and Water Borislav Sandov

Environment Minister promises higher sanctions for polluting industries

Bulgaria will drastically increase sanctions for polluting industries and enhance control via technical equipment and experts, this country’s Deputy Premier for Climate Policies and Minister of Environment and Water Borislav Sandov said in the town of..

06.01.22 15:51 |
Environment Minister Borislav Sandov

BGN 47 million to be allocated for combatting air pollution

The Ministry of the Environment and Water will, for the first time, allocate national funding for combatting air pollution, Environment Minister Borislav Sandov announced in Brussels. Before the start of the Council of the EU meeting he..

21.12.21 15:48 |

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