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Children from Western Outlands enjoying vacation in Ravda

Children from Western Outlands on seaside vacation, sponsored by Bulgarian Parliament

Fifty children from Bosilegrad, Serbia, are on a 10-day summer holiday in the Bulgarian Black Sea resort of Ravda, near Nessebar. The vacation, which will last until August 20, is organized by the "Bosilegrad" Cultural and Information Center of..

14.08.18 16:25 |

Meeting of media of Bulgarian minority in Serbia opens in Bosilegrad

A meeting of the media of the Bulgarian minority in Serbia opened in Bosilegrad, Serbia. It is organized by the Bulgarian news agency BTA and the GLAS association. The meeting is attended by representatives of the various ethnic communities in..

25.07.18 14:36 |

Sofia expects Belgrade’s answer regarding the detention of Bulgarian medics

Bulgaria’s ambassador to Belgrade Radko Vlaikov stated that Bulgaria is expecting a clear answer from Serbia regarding the detention of Bulgarian doctors in Bosilegrad and, on the basis of this answer, will determine whether it was an initiative by..

13.11.17 09:45 |

Attitude of Serbia towards Bulgarian minority is intolerable, MEP Angel Dzhambazki says

"This double-faced policy on the part of Serbia must stop as it continues to play the same game it has played over the past 50 years. The recent steps of the Zaev cabinet in Macedonia towards Bulgaria is what actually irritates Belgrade," MEP Angel..

12.11.17 13:41 |

Angel Dzhambazki to approach European Commission and European Parliament over failed medical initiative in Bosilegrad

Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzhambazki is to approach the European Commission and the European Parliament over the failed gratuitous medical initiative in the Western Outlands. The Serbian authorities did not allow Bulgarian doctors from the First..

11.11.17 15:20 |

Dimitar Glavchev: Bulgaria welcomes Serbia’s policy with regard to national minorities

Dimitar Glavchev, President of the Bulgarian National Assembly addressed the MPs from Serbia’s Narodna Skupština (National Assembly), expressing his gratitude for the honour accorded him of being the first Bulgarian politician to speak in the plenary..

30.10.17 16:23 |

Vice President Iliana Yotova: Our policy with regard to Bulgarian minorities will be consistent

“My presence on behalf of the state bears eloquent testimony to the fact that our policy with regard to the Bulgarian minorities will continue stable and consistent,” said Vice President Iliana Yotova at the opening of a documentary exhibition..

15.05.17 16:43 |

Voting station for upcoming presidential elections to be opened in Bosilegrad

A polling station for the upcoming presidential elections in Bulgaria on November 6 will be opened in Bosilegrad, Serbia, the Bulgarian Culture and Information Centre in Bosilegrad has announced. A petition was signed in the town with predominant..

15.10.16 13:38 |
Mbi 710 fëmijë morën pjesë në edicionin e 19-të të Festivalit të Fëmijës në Bosilegrad.

Evropa Lindore e mbledhur në Festivalin e Fëmijës kushtuar Pashkëve në Bosilegrad

Festimi i Pashkëve në Ballkan është i shumëllojshëm, me shumë muzikë dhe buzëqeshje fëmijësh. E këtillë është festa në Bosilegrad, një qytezë në Serbi, ku jetojnë kryesisht bullgarë. Vendbanimi gjendet 10 kilometra larg kufirit bullgaro-serb. Bosilegradi..

17.04.12 12:41 |
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