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Rumiana Pavlova: The future government must have the courage to eradicate corruption structures

Democratic Bulgaria coalition earned the highest number of votes in the state of Massachusetts located in New England, USA. 278 people supported Democratic Bulgaria and 267 Bulgarians voted for There is Such a People party (ITN). The..

13.07.21 15:59 |
The polling station commission at Hayannis, Cape Code chaired by Hristina Arabadzhieva, Teodora Varbanova, Pavel Koychev, Tsvetomir Filipov, Lyubomira Georgieva

Election Day in the United States ends last

In these parliamentary elections there are 58 polling stations in the United States, in 13 of them voting is conducted by machine. The polling stations on the East Coast were the first to open at 2 pm Bulgarian time. In California, Arizona and Nevada,..

11.07.21 23:45 |

Nadezhda Stoyanova from Boston, USA: Bulgaria is part of each of us

It is very important for Bulgarians in the United States to exercise their right to vote in elections in Bulgaria. This is confirmed by the fact that at each subsequent elections the number of Bulgarian voters in the USA increases. In..

11.07.21 18:53 |

How a Bulgarian in the USA sees his business thrive during the Covid-19 crisis

The elections in the US seem to have displaced, at least for a while, the coronavirus pandemic in world news programs. Soon everything will calm down and most people will go back to their daily round, focusing mainly on work. One of..

09.11.20 16:15 |

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