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Bulgarian Football Union launches new project aimed to acquaint children with football game

In the beginning of October 2020, the Bulgarian Football Union is to launch a new initiative aimed to acquaint children with the football game . Free of charge trainings will be offered for boys and girls (first, second, third and fourth-graders),..

10.09.20 14:30 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 167

Covid-19 morbidity in Bulgaria continues to decrease Covid-19 morbidity in Bulgaria continues to decrease. In the past week Covid-19 morbidity decreased by 47.5% as compared to the previous week, latest data of the European Center for Disease..

21.08.20 19:12 |

Strict Covid-19 measures introduced at stadiums

In its rules and regulations for the new season the Bulgarian Football Union introduces penalties connected with Covid-19. They concern the behavior of fans at stadiums in the conditions of state of emergency or emergency epidemic situation...

21.08.20 12:54 |

Football matches to be postponed in event of 10 players with Covid-19

From the beginning of the new championship in the First and Second Professional Football Leagues in Bulgaria on August 7, football matches will be postponed in the event of 10 positive tests for Covid-19 in one of the teams participating in the..

05.08.20 15:59 |

Bulgarian football championship to be resumed on 5 June

The Bulgarian Football Union’s expert working group has taken a decision to resume the first league championship on 5 June, and the training process - as of mid-May. If the 2019/2020 season is completed, the finals of the Bulgarian Supercup are..

07.05.20 14:56 |

Bulgarian Football Union to receive financial aid from UEFA

The Bulgarian Football Union will receive € 4.3 million from UEFA for coping with the coronavirus crisis . The UEFA headquarters announced on its official website that it earmarked 236.5 million euros to help 55 national football federations in the Old..

27.04.20 20:01 |

UEFA insists national football championship should not be cancelled

Bulgaria risks not participating in Euroleague football matches in 2021 if the national football championship is not played until the end. UEFA wrote this in an explanation to its 55 member states. We are convinced that football can be restarted in the..

03.04.20 18:08 |

Bulgarian Football Union: The National Football Championship to be resumed in May

The Bulgarian Football Championship will be resumed in May and all matches until the end of the season are to take place.  This was the decision taken by the Bulgarian Football Union. The championship has now been suspended temporarily until April 13..

23.03.20 13:41 |

Executive Board of Bulgarian Football Union under inspection by tax authorities

The National Revenue Agency has confirmed that it has started a tax audit of all members of the Executive Committee of the Bulgarian Football Union, including the resigning president Borislav Mihailov. At the same time, prosecutors are reviewing..

24.12.19 16:27 |
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