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BIA: The pandemic continues to worsen Bulgaria's business climate

A study of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) for the country's business climate shows that in 2021 the negative trend of 2020  trigged by the Covid crisis  continues . Only 9% of the respondents see an improvement in the business..

13.12.21 14:17 |

Bulgaria’s business calls for changes to the Green Certificate order

M embers of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA)  are calling for changes to the order imposing new anti-epidemic measures in this country .  They demand that the mandating of a Covid-19 Green Certificate be postponed until November 21,..

20.10.21 18:43 |

BIA: The condition for percentage of vaccinated employees and clients is discrimination

The Bulgarian Industrial Association insists on clear mechanisms for compensations for those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and to assess the effectiveness of the anti-epidemic measures applied so far. This was stated by the institution in response..

01.09.21 13:16 |

Bulgarian exports have gone up by 20% over past 5 years

In 2020 Bulgaria exported commodities worth USD 31.8 billion, a drop of 4.4% compared to the pre-pandemic 2019 when exports amounted to USD 33.4 billion.   Bulgaria climbs to 58 th from 60 th position in 2019 among all exporters globally...

27.07.21 13:58 |
BIA President Radosvet Radev

BIA President: Government must submit recovery and resilience plan within submission deadline

“The recovery and resilience plan must be submitted to the European Commission because its contents can be altered afterwards but the deadline can’t,” Radosvet Radev, President of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) said in an interview with..

25.04.21 10:42 |

Businesses in Bulgaria demand extension of government support

54% of the members of the Bulgarian Industrial Assocation expect difficulties in repaying their bank debts after the end of the credit moratorium , according to a survey conducted between April 13-15, 2021.  79% report deteriorating economic..

16.04.21 10:45 |

Bulgaria’s economy will not withstand second lockdown: Radosvet Radev

Tourism, transport, culture and catering are the most affected sectors by the coronavirus crisis, Radosvet Radev, Chairman of the Bulgarian Industrial Association said for BTV.  Radosvet Radev referred to the national statistics according to which,..

31.10.20 16:49 |

Bulgarian Industrial Association disagrees with EU-wide regulation on minimum wages

The Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) is against а uniform regulation in the EU of the minimum wages and of collective bargaining . In a letter to Bulgaria's Prime Minister, BIA rejects the European Commission's proposal to adopt a framework..

29.10.20 12:10 |

Restrictive measures will prevent the holding of important economic events: Bulgarian Industrial Association

The Bulgarian Industrial Association is demanding that Health Minister Kostadin Angelov reconsider the new restrictive anti-coronavirus measures which come into effect on 29 October. In a letter addressed to Minister Angelov the..

28.10.20 14:18 |

Employers speak out against increase of salaries in public administration

Three of the four nationally representative employers' organizations - the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA), the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) and the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) - have spoken out against..

31.08.20 18:24 |
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