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Bulgarian Medical Association: The green certificate should be preserved despite the protests

The Vazrazhdane party is ready with a team for the upcoming working meeting with Prime Minister Kiril Petkov regarding the green certificate . Assoc. Prof. Atanas Mangarov from Vazrazhdane party has called for revoking the green certificate. "The..

15.01.22 15:03 |

The protest of medics from Pirogov Hospital for Emergency Medicine continues

The protest of Medics from Pirogov Hospital for Emergency Medicine against the dismissal of the hospital’s former director Professor Assen Baltov continues. The medics demanded the resignation of this country’s caretaker Minister of Health Stoycho..

20.07.21 10:40 |
Dr. Ivan Madzharov, chairman of the Bulgarian Medical Association

Bulgarian Medical Association comes out in support of hospitals

The Bulgarian Medical Association has come out with a position in support of the hospitals inspected by the National Health Insurance Fund . It says that hospitals involved in treating patients with Covid-19 are forced to return funds to the fund..

13.07.21 18:08 |

Assoc. Prof. Gornev: There is no volunteering in medicine, responsibilities and risks are the same for everyone

On International Labour Day, May 1, we often talk about workers and their rights. Decent remuneration and well-deserved rest are an integral part of the principles of freedom and democracy, according to the rule of law. For more than a year,..

01.05.21 06:00 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 405

Easing of anti-Covid restrictions as of today: shopping malls and casinos reopen By order of the Minister of Health from April 8, 2021, as of today visits to gaming halls and casinos are allowed under thecondition of using no more than..

16.04.21 19:27 |
D-r Ivan Madzharov, head of the Bulgarian Medical Association

BMA calls for rapid establishment of new state body for Covid-19 response

The vacuum created by the disbanding of the National Operational Headquarters for fighting the Covid-19 pandemic must be filled as soon as possible, the chairman of the Bulgarian Medical Association, Dr. Ivan Madzharov, said in an interview for BNT...

16.04.21 10:19 |

Ivan Madzharov: vaccinated people are not at risk of severe Covid-19

"We are yet to feel the effect of the temporary opening of restaurants", said for bTV Dr. Ivan Madzharov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Medical Association. In his view, the authorities should extend the current anti-epidemic measures. "Thus, the Covid-19..

27.03.21 11:38 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 374

Highest number of hospitalized patients since start of pandemic A total of 4,637 new cases of coronavirus have been registered in Bulgaria in the past 24 hours out of 19,497 tests performed. According to the Single Coronavirus Information Portal,..

16.03.21 19:41 |
Dr. Ivan Madzharov

Bulgarians want more investments in healthcare: Trend

73%   of Bulgarians want more investments in healthcare, indicates a survey by Trend polling agency, presented by the Bulgarian Medical Association and the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union. The two organizations state that Bulgarian healthcare..

02.03.21 12:11 |
D-r Ivan Madzharov

Chairman of Bulgarian Medical Association: New virus strain is not more dangerous

Now is not the time for hysteria or panic and there is no new strain, the chairman of the Bulgarian Medical Association, Dr. Ivan Madzharov, told Nova TV. "The virus is changing, and we've known that all year. We now learn about a little more than 17..

21.12.20 11:28 |

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