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The introduction of the euro is planned for January 1, 2024

The Bulgarian National Bank has informed that a draft National Plan for the introduction of the euro in Bulgaria has been adopted with a target date of January 1, 2024. The introduction is planned without a transitional period, and the date of adoption..

30.06.21 19:26 |
Bulgarian National Bank building

Banks in Bulgaria have taken measures regarding entities sanctioned under Global Magnitsky Act: Bulgarian National Bank

All  banks in the country with business relations with individuals sanctioned under the Global Magnitsky Act have already taken the restrictive measures necessary , the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) has announced. The BNB adds that the..

11.06.21 19:40 |
Dimitar Radev

BNB Governor Dimitar Radev: Joining the Eurozone is a constant national goal

Joining the Eurozone is a constant national goal and its implementation can consolidate the highly fragmented political structure and accelerate reforms aimed at modernizing this country, Dimitar Radev, Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank..

27.05.21 11:23 |

Bulgaria reports significant decrease in the amount of money sent by Bulgarians abroad

The amount of money sent by Bulgarians abroad to their home country has decreased significantly. According to data of the Bulgarian National Bank, in the first two months of 2021 Bulgarians abroad sent only EUR 24.8 million to Bulgaria. In the same..

22.04.21 11:12 |

Bulgarian National Bank records drop in remittances from Bulgarian emigrants

In the pandemic year 2020, Bulgarians working abroad sent 339.4 million euros to their relatives in Bulgaria. This is 879.4 million euros or 72% less than the bank transfers for 2019, when 1.219 billion euro came to the country, according to BNB..

24.02.21 17:08 |
Bulgarian National Bank

Bulgarian National Bank to hold first bond auction for 2021

The Bulgarian National Bank and Bulgaria's Ministry of Finance will hold the first auction of the year for the sale of bonds today. Interest-bearing treasury bonds have a maturity of 10 and a half years and are open-ended with a fixed interest rate...

15.02.21 06:15 |
Mitko Vassilev, chairman of the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Germany is among top 3 investors in Bulgaria

Data from the Bulgarian National Bank for the period January-November 2020 shows that Bulgaria has attracted 141.1 million euros of German direct investment. According to this indicator, only the Netherlands and Austria are ahead of it, Mitko Vassilev,..

28.01.21 18:58 |
Bulgarian National Bank

Foreign investment shrinks amid pandemic, Bulgarian National Bank reports

Bulgarian exports fell by more than 1.8 billion euros in the period from January to October compared to the first ten months of 2019, data of the Bulgarian National Bank shows. Imports for the same period shrank by 2.9 billion euros.  The exports of..

16.12.20 17:56 |
Dimitar Radev, governor of Bulgarian National Bank

Bulgaria will be ready for the Eurozone in 2024

The Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank Dimitar Radev pointed to the year 2024 as a realistically possible deadline for Bulgaria's accession to the euro area. He made the statement during a video conference organized by the American Chamber of..

13.11.20 19:23 |
Boyan Durankev

Professor Durankev expects difficult winter for Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s gross domestic product is to decrease by 4% in 2020 and then regain ground with 4.1% growth in 2021, the International Monetary Fund forecasts in its latest World Economic Outlook report. There is a 60% probability that the decline in..

14.10.20 16:26 |
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