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Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church

Holy Synod of Bulgaria’s Orthodox Church adopts directive in connection with April 4 general elections

The Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church adopted a directive in connection with the forthcoming general elections in Bulgaria on April 4, the Bulgarian Patriarchate announced. The Holy Synod notes again that the clergy cannot participate in..

10.03.21 13:08 |
Church of the Holy Forty Martyrs in Veliko Tarnovo

Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks Holy Forty Martyrs Day

On March 9, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates the day of the Holy Forty Martyrs. These are early Christian Armenian warriors, martyrs from the city of Sebase who died in the 4th century for their faith during the persecutions of Emperor Licinius...

09.03.21 07:05 |
Tsar Boris-Mihail

Bulgaria marks 1,151 years since foundation of Bulgarian Orthodox Church

On March 4, Bulgaria marks 1,151 years since the foundation of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. On this day in 870, the Autocephalous Archbishopric of Bulgaria was constituted during the Eight Ecumenical Council in Constantinople.  This happened..

04.03.21 05:00 |

Patriarch Neophyte – 8 years since his enthronement as Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks eight years since the election and enthronement of His Holiness Neophyte as Bulgarian Patriarch and metropolitan bishop of Sofia, the Holy Metropolis of Sofia has announced.  To mark the occasion a divine liturgy..

24.02.21 11:48 |

Bulgaria’s cabinet allocates EUR 2 million to religious schools

Bulgaria’s cabinet has allocated more than EUR 2 million to religious schools in this country for 2021. “These schools are extremely important for the ethnic tolerance and the peaceful coexistence of the ethnic groups. The religious schools preach..

10.02.21 14:27 |

Ivanovi Vlachugi ritual chases away evil and brings health

Ivanovden (the feast of St. John the Baptist) is one of the most revered Bulgarian winter holidays. On this day, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors the memory of St. John the Baptist, the last of the Old Testament prophets who..

07.01.21 07:50 |

The lessons of 2020 give us the key to salvation, Priest Georgi Fotakiev says

For many of us, the year 2020 was extremely memorable - a year of reassessment of our value system. Some said farewell to loved ones, others lost their jobs, others saw the way to the salvation of their souls. On the eve of the New 2021, most Bulgarians..

30.12.20 13:15 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks the day of Saint Stephen

The memory of St. Stefan )Saint Stephen), the first Christian martyr, is venerated by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church on December 27. The troparion performed in honour of St. Stefan reads: “Because of all you have endured for Christ..

27.12.20 08:35 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church honours St. Anna

Today the Bulgarian Orthodox church celebrates the Conception of the Most Holy Theotokos by Saint Anna, who is patron saint of all things feminine, of marriage, family and motherhood. In folklore, besides motherhood, this day is also..

09.12.20 06:10 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks day of Saint Mina, protector of families and travellers

On November 11, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church commemorates the feast of the Holy Great Martyr Mina (Saint Menas), considered the patron saint of the family and guardian of orphans and the homeless . Believers pray to St. Mina for the health and..

11.11.20 06:10 |
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