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Holy Synod discussing recognition of Macedonian Orthodox Church

At a meeting in Sofia, the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church has been discussing the recent request of the Macedonian Orthodox Church for recognition of its autocephaly (independence). Upon entering the Synod, Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte..

27.11.17 12:54 |

Orthodox Christians commemorate Saint Simeon Stylites today

On September 1 the Bulgarian Orthodox Church commemorates Saint Simeon the Stylite and his mother Martha. The feast is also known as Simeonovden in Bulgaria’s folk calendar and marks the beginning of the agricultural New Year. On this day the autumn..

01.09.17 11:06 |

Patriarch Neophyte: Terror in Manchester is another cruel attack against peace

We are all children of the Heavenly Father, and in days of tribulation we can not stand indifferently when it comes to the pain of British people in this difficult moment. This is what His Holiness Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte said about the bloody..

23.05.17 16:54 |
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