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President Radev in Plovdiv where he met today with students from the  Academy for Dance, Theatre and Fine Arts

President Radev: Cabinet reshuffle will not save the government

President Rumen Radev said that the natural way out of the current situation for the government was its resignation and no political schemes or machinations would be able to save.  "Bulgarians are out in the street and no cabinet reshuffles will be..

16.07.20 19:50 |

President Radev continues to demand resignation of the government and new elections

Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev made an official address to the nation regarding the ongoing protests in Bulgaria. For a week now, thousands of Bulgarians have been out in the squarest, demanding the resignation of the government and the prosecutor..

15.07.20 18:51 |
President Radev making statement in front of media

President Rumen Radev calls for resignations of government, prosecutor general

"The ruling party's decision to hold a rally in its support in close proximity to the civil protest and at the same time was a deliberate provocation to civil peace," Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev stated in an address to the nation.  In his..

11.07.20 16:01 |
President Rumen Radev and Pope Francis during the pope's visit to Bulgaria in 2019

Bulgaria's President sends letter to Pope Francis with words of gratitude

Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev has sent a letter to Pope Francis. Radev voices his belief that the shared messages of the Holy Father's apostolic trip to Bulgaria in May 2019 are lasting and especially relevant today.   The Bulgarian Head of State..

05.05.20 18:03 |
Bulgarian President Rumen Radev

Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev greets Bulgarians on Easter

The Bulgarian President Rumen Radev has extended his festive Easter address to the nation via his Facebook profile.  "Happy Easter! Today we are all called to overcome the ordeal of 2020, to seek the truest path and unity in order to cope with the..

19.04.20 12:53 |
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