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Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic named Balkan Athlete of the Year for seventh time

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic was named Balkan Athlete of the Year in a poll conducted by the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency. The National news agencies from the region- BTA (Bulgaria), ANA-MPA (Greece), AGERPRESS (Romania), Anatolu Agency..

29.12.21 17:31 |
The Rila Monastery

Sixteenth World Meeting of Bulgarian Media begins

The Sixteenth World Meeting of the Bulgarian Media mottoed “Media and the Truth” has begun. The forum is organized by the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency (BTA). Bulgaria’s caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs Svetlan Stoev and this country’s caretaker..

17.10.21 12:28 |

By law, BTA’s information is to be free of charge

At two readings in one session and without debate, the National Assembly approved, definitively, the amendments to the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency Act (BTA). From now on the media content of the news agency will be obtainable free of charge, BTA..

25.02.21 16:36 |
Kiril Valchev, new director of BTA

New director of Bulgarian News Agency BTA promises free access to agency's information

The newly appointed director general of the Bulgarian News Agency BTA, Kiril Valchev , has confirmed that he will submit a request for changes in the Law on BTA in order to ensure free access to the information of the agency . BTA is the only..

29.01.21 11:42 |
Kiril Valchev

Bulgaria’s National Assembly elects new Director General of BTA

Bulgaria’s National Assembly has appointed Kiril Valchev as Director General of the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency. Valchev was nominated for this position by the ruling GERB party. 105 MPs voted in favor of his candidature.  Bulgaria’s Parliament..

27.01.21 10:16 |

A single candidate nominated for director-general of BTA

6 PM on 15 January is the deadline for the nomination of candidates for director-general of the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency, BTA. The representatives of the ruling party GERB in the Culture and Media committee of the National Assembly have..

15.01.21 07:10 |
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