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Will Bulgarian Cyrillic fonts find recognition in the web?

The websites of the Bulgarian state administration should use only fonts based on the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet. This has been recommended by a special working group. The rules for the institutional identity of the websites of the..

07.06.22 17:14 |

Bulgarian Parliament renames official Bulgarian holiday of May 24

The name of the official holiday "May 24 - Day of Bulgarian education and culture and the Slavic script" has been replaced by "May 24 - Day of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, the Bulgarian alphabet, education and culture and the Slavic letters,"..

09.12.20 14:22 |

Children from Bulgarian school in New York City sing song about the Bulgarian alphabet

On the eve of the brightest Bulgarian holiday – May 24, the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and of the Slavic Letters, we offer you to listen together to a short but very special song - "Bulgarian Alphabet Song" . It is part of the..

23.05.20 07:10 |
Depictions of the Glagolitic script. St. Cyril created the Glagolithic A in the form of the cross, as he thought of the alphabet as a Holy deed!

The Bulgarian alphabet: intangible heritage with intransient value

One of the most respected days on the Bulgarian holiday calendar – 24 May, is the Day of letters and the Bulgarian alphabet created in the second half of 9 th century. This day takes us centuries back and reminds of a piece of heritage which..

21.05.20 13:09 |

An exhibition of the Bulgarian alphabets opens in Seoul

The exhibition "Bulgaria's Letters - an Alphabet of Europe" has opened in Seoul, Republic of Korea. From May 20 to June 13, the exhibition displaying 30 posters, as many as the letters in the Bulgarian alphabet, will introduce the local audience to..

20.05.20 08:21 |

Russian ambassador did not answer where the Cyrillic alphabet came from

At a meeting in Sofia between Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Russian Ambassador Anatoly Makarov, a topic of discussion became the recent speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Cyrillic alphabet. Yesterday in Moscow, Putin told..

25.05.17 14:44 |

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