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Bulgarian cinema goes on a journey around the world

North America is the third stop on the journey of Bulgarian cinema among Bulgarians living around the world. The initiative of the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad is called "BG cinema on 7 continents" and is implemented jointly with the..

29.05.21 09:10 |

"Sister" movie wins two more prestigious international awards

The Bulgarian film "Sister" ( Sestra ) received two international awards, Art Fest has reported. The film, directed by Svetla Tsotsorkova, was awarded a special prize by the jury at the 21st European Film Festival in Lecce, Italy (Festival del..

12.11.20 12:52 |

Bulgarian movie is among contenders for European Film Awards

The Bulgarian film "Cat in the Wall" is in the nomination list of the European Film Academy (EFA) for 2020. The members of the academy will vote for the European Film Awards, choosing from 38 titles, BTA has reported. "Cat in the Wall" by..

22.09.20 17:16 |

Theodore Ushev's new short film “The Physics of Sorrow”– a strong highlight in Cinemania 2019

The premiere of The Physics of Sorrow , the new short film of Oscar-nominated director Theodore Ushev, is undoubtedly one of the highlights in Cinemania 2019 International Film Festival held now in Sofia. Based on the eponymous novel by..

23.11.19 08:05 |
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