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It is time to enjoy our most precious quality – to create

The moment we are born, we start playing. We start acting as parents at an early age, build bridges, buildings and create imaginary communities and spaces. Thanks to the application of these approaches in serious..

01.01.22 07:50 |

Rumen Radev’s second term- a bid for stronger participation in Bulgaria’s social and political life

Rumen Radev won a convincing victory at the presidential runoff. That is why high hopes are attached to his second term of office. Moreover, a caretaker cabinet has been in charge of Bulgaria’s government over the last months, which is a proof that the..

22.11.21 14:37 |

The main challenge for voting abroad are the short deadlines

A total of 751 polling stations will be organized abroad on November 14 for the 2-in-1 elections. They will be distributed in 68 countries. Machine voting will take place in 21 countries, with the largest number of machines - 96 - expected..

12.11.21 09:24 |
Minister Svetlan Stoev

Minister Svetlan Stoev calls on Bulgarians abroad to join the preparations for the upcoming two-in-one elections

Bulgaria’s caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs Svetlan Stoev called on the Bulgarian communities abroad to participate as volunteers in the preparation of the two-in-one elections on November 14.  "Bulgarians abroad are our most valuable partner in..

17.10.21 14:34 |

Record-high number of Bulgarians abroad apply to vote at the Parliamentary elections

Nearly 200,000 Bulgarians living abroad are expected to go to the polling stations at the forthcoming Parliamentary elections. However, many of them will be unable to exercise their constitutional right to vote because of a..

08.03.21 17:00 |

Cabinet supports Bulgarian communities abroad

The Bulgarian cabinet adopted a Programme for support of the Bulgarian communities in Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Ukraine, Moldova and of citizens of North Macedonia with Bulgarian self-awareness. Organizations of Bulgarian communities which registered..

15.04.20 11:35 |

Bulgaria’s government discusses state support for Bulgarian communities abroad

At its regular weekly sitting today, the Bulgarian cabinet will discuss a draft programme for support of organizations of the Bulgarian communities in Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine, Serbia, North Macedonia and Moldova.   Approval of a report on the..

15.04.20 07:56 |

Presidency with ambition to create register of Bulgarians and Bulgarian communities abroad

President Rumen Radev stated that the presidential institution had the ambition to create a register of Bulgarians and Bulgarian communities abroad. The Bulgarian head of state met with members of the Bulgarian community in New York, the press..

23.09.17 11:39 |
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