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Veliko Tarnovo University

Romanian translator is the first to register for International Summer Seminar on Bulgarian language and culture

The translator Maria Lupescu from Bucharest is the first to submit her documents for this year's edition of the International Summer Seminar on Bulgarian Language and Culture , which will take place from July 12 to August 1 in the town of Veliko..

13.04.21 19:30 |

Remembering Bulgaria’s prominent folk singer Lyubka Rondova

On March 15, five years ago, Lyubka Rondova, one of the most beloved folk singers of Bulgaria , passed away. Calling herself the daughter of the Aegean, she perceived performing the songs of her homeland as her mission and the meaning of..

15.03.21 14:02 |

What is the curse of white brined cheese?

Milena Dimitrova is a Bulgarian journalist, a traveler and a gourmet. She is holder of the awards – “Golden Age” for her contribution to Bulgarian culture, the “Golden Plume” of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists, as well as the international..

12.01.21 13:36 |

Bulgarians in the Komi Republic: We disseminate the Bulgarian culture

In 1967 the USSR and Bulgaria sign a contract for joint logging with the Autonomous Komi Republic. For a quarter of a century, bound by this agreement, around 100 thousand Bulgarians live, work and study in Komi. Owing to them, the republic is able to..

27.06.20 05:30 |
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