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The language of traditional Bulgarian aprons revealed in exhibition in Plovdiv

The way of life, mentality and culture of the Bulgarians from the early 19 th century to the 1930s is now on display at the Regional Ethnographic Museum in Bulgaria’s second-biggest city Plovdiv. Visitors to the exhibition "The Apron - a..

02.04.22 11:59 |

The secrets of traditional Bulgarian socks

Community centers, individual participants and clubs from 62 towns in Bulgaria participated in the online "Colorful Socks" contest, organized on the occasion of 100 years since the establishment of   "Kruger Nikolov - 1922" Community Center in..

19.03.22 15:45 |

The memory of Sofia embroidery patterns

An exhibition has opened in Sofia with the motto “The memory of Sofia embroidery patterns” dedicated to the 90 th anniversary of the Regional Museum of History in the capital city. The display features a diverse heritage of embroidery work made..

31.03.18 08:00 |

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