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Popular beliefs about hair, beards, moustaches

The first snow falls to earth from St. Dimitar’s beard, one legend goes. But there are others too – that it is St. Nicholas or Archangel Michael that shake the first snowflakes out of their beards. Alongside hair and nails, male beards..

13.11.21 07:50 |

Bulgarian folklore on stage in Seville

A concert of Bulgarian folk bands and soloists is part of the accompanying program of the Festival de las Naciones in Seville, Spain. For a more than two months (25.09-01.11) the festival presents world music, folklore, jazz, traditional..

15.10.21 18:15 |

With Kichka Savova’s songs - a real celebration of Bulgarian folklore

"Throughout the year, the village of Sladun is like a streamlet but in the days of the festival it boils and rages like a big, full-flowing river" - this is a successful comparison of Nadia Shtergova, secretary of "Izgrev - 1928" Community..

02.08.21 16:10 |

Spanish saxophone player Arnau Garrofé Farràs: “I am happy in Bulgaria with my music and my friends”

A few years ago a remarkable saxophone player appeared on the Bulgarian jazz scene. The young Spaniard immediately won over the audience with his talent of swiftly “entering” different projects, without losing his original musical presence. Today,..

20.06.20 10:15 |
Nikosia, April 22, 2020. An elderly lady passes by the statue of Goddess Athena

Bulgarian folk singer Dobrin Dobrev: People in Cyprus comply with government measures

"Greetings to everyone from sunny Cyprus! The weather here is wonderful and it is really unfortunate that we are locked in our homes, but we must stay disciplined until the end”, are the words of Bulgarian national Dobrin Dobrev who has..

26.04.20 07:00 |

Dunav Ensemble- pride of Bulgaria’s North-West and Bulgaria’s culture

Vidin is a port city situated on the southern bank of Danube River in North-West Bulgaria. It is close to the borders with Romania and Serbia and the local culture is influenced by the culture of those two countries as well. The long-term..

07.07.17 11:51 |

Folklore festival in Koprivshitsa – in people’s hearts and now, on the UNESCO list

“Bulgaria in our hearts”. These words on the T-shirts worn by Japanese tourists coming to the national folklore festival in Koprivshitsa are a good way to sum up the feelings of the thousands of people the event brings together once every five..

13.12.16 13:53 |
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