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On October 29 and 30 Turgovishte sings and dances

Around 700 children from all over Bulgaria will take part in the 7 th edition of the folklore festival Misionis sings and dances in Turgovishte. The event is taking place on two consecutive days – 29 and 30 October. The jury and..

29.10.22 12:15 |

Bulgarian folk ensembles from all over the world gather in Sofia

Bulgarian folklore ensembles from all over the world are gathering in Sofia from November 11 to 13 th , 2022 . This will be a meeting-seminar, the purpose of which is to start a series of annual meetings of the leaders of similar..

25.10.22 15:54 |
Trendafilka group from New Orleans

Bulgarian songs and rhythms from New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its colourful multicultural community, its traditional cuisine, and most of all, its incredible musical heritage. In the jazz capital of the world, almost everyone plays an instrument, but not necessarily jazz. " Here people are..

21.09.22 15:56 |

Chubritsa - the Dutch choir named after a Bulgarian spice

Ensemble Chubritsa from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is one of the longest-standing Bulgarian folklore choirs outside of the country. The folk choir Chubritsa (meaning Bulgarian traditional savoury)was founded in 2004 by the famous folk..

25.08.22 15:24 |

When music touches your heart, or why foreigners fall in love with Bulgarian folklore

Love of Bulgaria’s songs and dances brought hundreds of visitors from abroad to the festival in Koprivshtitsa during the weekend at the beginning of August. People from the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, France, the UK spent their time..

09.08.22 11:50 |

Traversing Bulgaria with the living human treasures

If you find yourself in Koprivshtitsa at the time of the festival, you will never forget your time here. The town and the Voevodenets meadows in the environs spring to life in colourful, polyphonic, ever changing tableaux. People from Bulgaria and..

08.08.22 18:55 |
Rusalijski games

The Koprivshtitsa Folk Art festival - a three-day celebration of Bulgarian folklore

The Folk Art Festival in Koprivshtitsa is held for the 12th time. For  three consecutive days - 5, 6 and 7 August, talented folk song and dance performers from all over Bulgaria gathered in the region. "Koprivshtitsa is a..

07.08.22 15:59 |

Zhivko Zhelev: My dream has always been to do my creative work here, in Dobrudzha, where my roots are

Dobrudzha, the part of the country where he was born, has always been an inspiration for the artistic ideas of renowned musician Zhivko Zhelev, who recently turned 60. Dobrudzha is where he lives and works, despite a serious job offer he was..

29.07.22 09:50 |

85 years since birth of nightingale of Thrace folklore region – singer Nadka Karadzhova

March 14 marks the 85th anniversary of the birth of famous singer Nadka Karadzhova - one of the emblematic voices of Bulgaria. She was born in the village of Tri Voditsi, in the region of Pazardzhik, in a family where folklore music was part of..

14.03.22 16:36 |

Popular beliefs about hair, beards, moustaches

The first snow falls to earth from St. Dimitar’s beard, one legend goes. But there are others too – that it is St. Nicholas or Archangel Michael that shake the first snowflakes out of their beards. Alongside hair and nails, male beards..

13.11.21 07:50 |

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