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Out of Muse present their debut album

"Out of Muse" unites Borislava Yordanova (vocals), Radoslav Marinchev (guitar), Snezhanka Borisova (bass guitar) and Nikolai Stanev (drums), who celebrate one year since the formation of the band with their debut album. It is called “..

13.12.22 13:12 |

DJ Fabrizio Parisi: Bulgarian folk music must not remain “enclosed” within a limited circle of people

“It is our job as DJs and producers to provoke the interest of young people in traditional Bulgarian music,” Fabrizio Parisi, who is of mixed Bulgarian-Italian descent, says in an interview with Radio Bulgaria. Born in Basel,..

05.09.22 13:10 |

When music touches your heart, or why foreigners fall in love with Bulgarian folklore

Love of Bulgaria’s songs and dances brought hundreds of visitors from abroad to the festival in Koprivshtitsa during the weekend at the beginning of August. People from the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, France, the UK spent their time..

09.08.22 11:50 |

In Bulgarian folklore St. Elijah is master of hail and storms

On July 20, Orthodox Christians mark the day of St. Elijah. Bulgarians call this holiday Ilinden and in folklore traditions St. Elijah is seen as a saints who is master of hail, thunder, and lightning. Day of St. Elijah – the most widely..

20.07.22 13:30 |

Parliamentary Culture and Media Committee votes on more Bulgarian music in public media

The popularization of Bulgarian music in the public-service media was discussed by the Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Media . The Vazrazhdane party proposes that the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) and the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) be..

13.05.22 10:10 |

Bulgaria Today – 2 November 2021

In “Bulgaria Today” on Tuesday, November 2, we open up with a summary of the leading news stories today. Then we tell you more about northwestern Bulgaria, which remains the poorest region in the EU. At the end, it is time for some Bulgarian music...

02.11.21 18:00 |

CPC rejects proposal for quotas for Bulgarian music broadcast by radio stations and TV channels

The Commission for Protection of Competition has rejected the proposal for introduction of quotas for Bulgarian music on the airwaves on the grounds that it would limit competition . The proposal for amendments to the Radio and Television Act was..

06.10.20 18:17 |

BNR Symphony Orchestra puts strong start to new season

The Symphony Orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio will open its new season on September 25 th with a concert in Bulgaria Concert Hall in Sofia under the baton of Mark Kadin, the main conductor of the group. In the first part of the..

24.09.20 14:21 |
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