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Isabella Marchetta

Museum in Italian city of Campobasso keeps unique historical finds related to Bulgaria

"Bulgarians have a strong desire for national self-determination and a strong desire to go back in time to learn about their origins and to rebuild their identity, which was apparently forcibly taken from them during the long years..

27.11.23 14:46 |

“Temen Gyuro”- song from Yavor Roussinoff’s new album

Bulgarian folklore has inspired musicians of all genres. One of them is Yavor Roussinoff - composer, arranger and producer, known as a pioneer in mixing Bulgarian folk motifs with modern music. The beginning of these creative searches..

10.11.23 09:45 |

Bulgarian films screened in the heart of the Eternal City

This year, the traditions are not what they used to be and for the first time the Festival of Bulgarian Cinema in Rome is taking place not at the beginning, but at the end of summer. The reason is that the venue for all the screenings..

21.09.23 14:35 |

New eased conditions for students of Bulgarian origin from seven countries

Citizens of Bulgarian origin from seven countries will be able to apply for studying in Bulgarian universities, regardless of whether they have acquired Bulgarian citizenship or have a permanent residence permit in this country...

23.08.23 15:00 |

Bulgarian Petar Mitsin grabs gold in European U23 Swimming Championships in Dublin

Bulgarian swimmer Petar Mitsin has achieved another big success by winning the title in the 400 m freestyle during the European U23 Swimming Championships in Dublin, Ireland. Mitsin was the youngest among the finalists as he will..

13.08.23 11:44 |

Bulgarian from Bosilegrad stopped by Serbian border authorities for carrying books

For 4 hours, the Serbian authorities at the "Oltomantsi"- "Ribartsi" border crossing did not allow Bulgarian Alexander Dimitrov from Bosilegrad to enter Serbia. The reason is that he carried with him books in Bulgarian language...

10.08.23 12:10 |

Bulgarian football fan who was stabbed in Skopje is in hospital

Bulgarian football fans were attacked last night in Skopje just minutes before the start of the UEFA Europa Conference League match between Shkupi and Levski Sofia as one of the fans was later taken to hospital with stab wounds...

28.07.23 10:57 |

The Bulgarian passport opens an increasing number of borders

Holders of a Bulgarian passport can enter the territory of 176 destinations , which places them in 13th place in the Henley & Partners Passport Index. In the third quarter of 2023, Bulgaria shares the position with Monaco and..

20.07.23 13:11 |
Nikolai Denkov

Council of EU accepts Bulgarian position in defense of rose oil

On the last day of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Member States approved a legislative proposal preserving the previous approach to classifying essential oils, which Bulgaria also contributed to...

02.07.23 16:13 |

Vanya Yordanova and the worlds she depicts in her books

Vanya Yordanova is young, talented and loves to depict worlds. A small part of them are included in her first collection of poems “ Risuvam mechti” (“I Draw Dreams”), which was published in 2021. Recently, her first collection of..

20.06.23 13:55 |
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