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Bulgarian submission for “Oscar” has been chosen

Ivaylo Hristov's film "Fear" ( Strah ) is the Bulgarian choice for participation in the Academy Awards in 2022. This is a story about an unemployed teacher in a village close to the border, through which many refugees pass. She..

13.10.21 13:25 |
Prof. Penka Petrova

Head of Institute of Microbiology: There is no Bulgarian Covid-19 vaccine yet

"We are quite far from the creation of a Bulgarian vaccine against coronavirus and we should not wait for it," Prof. Penka Petrova, director of the Institute of Microbiology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, has told BNR...

27.09.21 11:24 |

For 7 days Varna becomes center of Bulgarian feature cinema

The 39th Golden Rose Bulgarian Feature Film Festival is being held in Varna. From September 23 to 29 th , the entire production of Bulgarian cinema created after September 2020 will be screened, including 4 premieres. The competition..

23.09.21 13:24 |

World-famous chefs open restaurant in nearly deserted Bulgarian village

The lives of world-famous chefs Gianfranco Chiarini and Anna Chiarini include frequent trips to countless destinations. They have visited 114 countries, where they helped local entrepreneurs start their own business and turned their..

11.08.21 10:34 |

Grafa and Mihaela Fileva with new summer hit

Summer, beach life, sound of waves, love, dancing… Author of the music and lyrics of Agenda is Vladimir Ampov - Grafa. The song is a collaboration with talented singer Mihaela Fileva. The video to the song was shot on a beautiful Bulgarian..

03.08.21 19:00 |

Large factory for electric bicycles being built in Bulgaria

The construction of a new factory for the production of electric bicycles and other two-wheeled electric vehicles has started near Plovdiv. The investment is planned to exceed 60 million euros and create 1,000 new jobs as the..

28.07.21 13:53 |

More than 1,000 people received Bulgarian citizenship in beginning of June

About 6,000 people have been waiting to receive Bulgarian citizenship, according to the Ministry of Justice. The procedure for obtaining certificates with a Presidential Decree has been delayed, as there were a large number of Decrees, which the..

15.06.21 10:57 |
Slaveykov Square, Sofia

Multimedia installation presents Bulgarian literature on Slaveykov Square

On the occasion of May 24, favorite Bulgarian literary works are presented in an unusual way. Excerpts from works by contemporary Bulgarian authors and classic authors are played on the Slaveykov Square in the capital city of Sofia with the help of..

24.05.21 04:25 |

Bulgaria exports herbs to over 50 countries worldwide, mostly to Germany

In 2020, Bulgarian export of herbs dropped by about 20% to less than 9,000 tons, data from the Bulgarian Association of Herbalists, quoted by "Bulgarian Farmer" show. However, export of medicinal plants to more than 50 countries..

06.04.21 07:10 |

Whole villages in Eastern Rhodopes replace tobacco growing with emigration abroad

Entire villages in the Eastern Rhodopes are giving up on traditional tobacco growing in the region. One of the reasons is the low purchase prices. The agricultural institutions in the region report extremely low interest in buying..

19.03.21 15:07 |
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