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Bulgarian journalists from 33 countries discuss the topic "Media and ‎Freedom" in Kazanlak

‎"If liberty means anything at all, it is the right to be able to tell people what they ‎don't want to hear." ‎ This quote is inscribed next to the statue of George Orwell outside the BBC ‎building in London. As if to remind all members fourth..

02.06.23 11:04 |

On a visit to the Bulgarian school "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" in The Hague‎

More than 40 Bulgarian Sunday schools abroad are named after the creators of ‎the Slavic alphabet (glagolitsa), the brothers Cyril and Methodius. On May 11, ‎when the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates the day of the Holy Equal-to-‎the Apostles and..

11.05.23 08:05 |

The number of people voting “none of the above” has been growing due to the divisions in society

The 5 th general election in this country in two years is over, and there will be six political formations entering the next 49 th National Assembly – the coalitions GERB\SDS, We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria, and the parties Movement..

04.04.23 11:28 |

Bulgarian compatriots abroad: Bulgaria is the mother of all of us!

The early parliamentary vote has already ended and the results are once again causing concern and bewilderment. It seems that we would have difficult weeks ahead, as we are once again going to see rounds of negotiations between..

03.04.23 13:30 |

Bulgarians abroad are more active in comparison to the previous vote

105,000 Bulgarians abroad voted by 3:00 p.m. Bulgarian time, the foreign ministry has reported. In the previous elections on October 2, about 97,000 people exercised their civil right by this hour. In Turkey, where the number of..

02.04.23 19:13 |
Teodor Georgiev

Teodor Georgiev from Vienna: Corruption and lack of justice are ‎deeply rooted in Bulgarian politics

Bulgarians abroad - together with their compatriots in our country, ‎are again faced with a choice, which will determine whether our ‎country will work for the prosperity of its citizens and establish ‎itself in the European and Euro-Atlantic family as a..

02.04.23 08:35 |

Courage is still in short supply in Bulgaria

Bulgarians abroad have long shown a keen interest in their homeland. On the one hand, they left their relatives and friends and they are not indifferent to their situation here, while on the other - many have plans to return to..

27.03.23 14:30 |
Rositsa Mateva, deputy chairperson of the Central Election Commission

CEC: Voting machines will be sent abroad on time

There is no risk that the machines that will be used for voting in the parliamentary elections on April 2 will not arrive on time in the polling stations abroad, CEC spokesperson Rositsa Mateva said at a briefing.  Earlier today, the Bulgarian..

23.03.23 15:57 |
Bulgarians waiting in front of the Bulgarian embassy in London for vote in the April 4, 2021 elections in 2022

The deadline for filing applications to vote abroad ends at midnight

Applications for voting abroad for the April 2 parliamentary elections can be submitted until 12 pm on March 7 . There are already nearly 39,000 applications submitted through the electronic system on the website of the Central Election Commission...

07.03.23 10:00 |

Bulgarians in Turkey, Great Britain, Germany have greatest desire to vote in April 2 elections

Bulgarians abroad who want to vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections on April 2 must submit an application by midnight on March 7.  To date, nearly 33,000 applications have been submitted through the electronic system of the Central Election..

05.03.23 14:17 |
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