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Bank remittances by Bulgarians abroad to relatives in Bulgaria decrease

The money sent by the Bulgarian diaspora abroad to relatives in Bulgaria is decreasing . In March 2022, Bulgarians abroad sent only 14.9 million euros, according to the Bulgarian National Bank. The amount is almost equal to that of March 2021. But it is..

23.05.22 12:36 |

Bulgaria Parade to take place in Chicago

The Bulgaria Parade will take place in Chicago at 11 am local time. The parade is a joint celebration for Bulgarian schools there and dates back to 2012. It will be held in Elk Grove Village with the participation of children..

22.05.22 11:45 |

Bulgarian diaspora in Moscow – a new focus in the third part of “Bulgarians Abroad – So Close, So Far”

"Bulgarians abroad are at the same time so close and so far - with their language, with their holidays and weekdays, with their worries, joys and hopes for a better future" - writes in the preface to the third volume of the series " Bulgarians Abroad –So..

19.02.22 14:50 |

Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska on the hot topics of Bulgaria’s foreign policy

Bulgaria’s position on Ukraine is consistent and clear, says Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodora Genchovska in an interview for Radio Bulgaria. Alongside the support for Ukraine’s European and Euro-Atlantic path, Bulgaria is also adamant..

11.02.22 11:56 |

E-fest connects talented Bulgarians from all over the world

Bulgaria is a country of unique traditions, beautiful nature and talented artists and performers. The spectacular E-fest, which will start on February 1 and will be held for the third time this year, aims to introduce its   audience to all..

28.01.22 12:27 |

Bulgarians abroad do not intend to return to their home country permanently:poll

Bulgarians living abroad do not intend to return to their home country permanently, the results of a survey conducted by the popular brain gain community Tuk Tam show.  Those who do not rule out such a possibility say it may happen in the long term...

25.01.22 16:27 |

A radio voice that matters: Lidia Mihova

“I have dedicated 40 years of my life to radio. I used to stop at the entrance of the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) and look around to check if the passers-by would notice what an important institution I was entering,” says Lidia Mihova, a favorite..

25.01.22 09:25 |

Cleaning up corruption in the Bulgarian institutions could motivate Bulgarian expats to return to their country

State policies towards Bulgarians abroad are the focus of a special parliamentary committee. Head of the Committee in the 47th National Assembly is Antoaneta Tsoneva, Democratic Bulgaria Coalition MP and co-founder of a non-governmental..

18.01.22 11:01 |

Bulgarians in this country and around the world speak about year we say goodbye to

A year full of challenges and unexpected twists is about to end. The pandemic has changed our daily lives and rearranged our priorities, while the election triptych in Bulgaria changed the political landscape in the country. Covid and elections..

31.12.21 12:45 |

Carolers from Sliven region send Christmas blessings to Bulgarians abroad

Caroling groups from Sliven district (Southeastern Bulgaria) sent a virtual greeting to Bulgarians abroad, BTA reported. For the second year running, the orgenizers of the event (Community Donation Fund Sliven) are sending their Christmas blessing to..

24.12.21 14:30 |
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