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Bulgaria reports significant decrease in the amount of money sent by Bulgarians abroad

The amount of money sent by Bulgarians abroad to their home country has decreased significantly. According to data of the Bulgarian National Bank, in the first two months of 2021 Bulgarians abroad sent only EUR 24.8 million to Bulgaria. In the same..

22.04.21 11:12 |

Six parties enter Bulgaria's new parliament

Six political parties will enter the 45th Bulgarian National Assembly , according to the data in 100% of the processed voting protocols by Bulgaria's Central Election Commission.  GERB/SDS - 26,18% "There Is Sucha People" (ITN) - 17,66% BSP..

06.04.21 17:00 |
People waiting in line to vote in front of Bulgarian embassy in London

Slavi Trifonov's There Is Such a People party wins the vote of Bulgarians abroad

The political party of Bulgarian TV personality and host Slavi Trifonov, “There Is Such a People” (Ima takav narod ITN) has convincingly won the majority of votes of Bulgarian citizens who voted abroad.  According to the data on the website of..

05.04.21 16:04 |
Stefan Manov

Stefan Manov: Record-high voter turnout abroad

"We must welcome the great activity of Bulgarian citizens around the world," Stefan Manov, a member of the CEC's Public Council, has told BNR. He said the election was likely to show a historic high of voter turnout abroad. "I..

04.04.21 21:03 |

Bulgaria votes

Today Bulgaria elects its 45th National Assembly. This is the eleventh parliamentary election after the beginning of the democratic changes in the country in 1989. The first democratic vote in Bulgaria’s recent history was for Grand National..

04.04.21 08:05 |

Bulgarians abroad will vote in a record high number of polling stations for April 4 elections

Bulgaria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened a record number of polling stations abroad - 465, despite the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and existing restrictions in various countries. This was announced at a briefing by the..

29.03.21 19:42 |

Fewer representatives of local communities in election commissions abroad

Bulgaria's Central Election Commission has complied with the law when appointing members of sectional election commissions abroad. CEC spokesman Dimitar Dimitrov said complaints about the appointment  of sectional election commissions abroad came mainly..

29.03.21 16:55 |

Martin Stefanov – Looking at life through the Northern Lights

The number of Bulgarians abroad who applied to vote at the forthcoming Parliamentary elections on April 4 is twice bigger than the number of those who cast their ballots during the general elections in 2017. Bulgaria has opened a total of..

28.03.21 07:25 |

Easier procedure for Bulgarian candidate students coming from abroad

The procedure for admitting Bulgarians from abroad to state universities in this country will be eased, according to changes prepared by the Ministry of Education. They have been discussed online between Minister Krassimir Valchev..

19.02.21 17:40 |

Silvia Nikolova: Listeners loved us and in Arab countries they established Radio Bulgaria clubs

The Bulgarian language editorial team of Radio Bulgaria are the ones that together with the reporters from the former Central Information Service, have been responsible for the creation of a significant part of the articles and broadcasts that..

19.02.21 15:04 |
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