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Easier procedure for Bulgarian candidate students coming from abroad

The procedure for admitting Bulgarians from abroad to state universities in this country will be eased, according to changes prepared by the Ministry of Education. They have been discussed online between Minister Krassimir Valchev..

19.02.21 17:40 |

Silvia Nikolova: Listeners loved us and in Arab countries they established Radio Bulgaria clubs

The Bulgarian language editorial team of Radio Bulgaria are the ones that together with the reporters from the former Central Information Service, have been responsible for the creation of a significant part of the articles and broadcasts that..

19.02.21 15:04 |

President Rumen Radev to seek second term

President Rumen Radev announced he would be running for a second term of office alongside Vice-President Iliana Iotova. During a one-hour press conference marking four years since his inauguration, the Bulgarian head of state called for..

01.02.21 14:34 |
Bulgaria's Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva

Easter might pose difficulty in voting for Bulgarians abroad

Bulgaria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is doing everything possible to ensure enough polling stations for Bulgarians living abroad in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Yet the date of the elections, April 4, coincides with the date of the Catholic..

29.01.21 10:49 |

Ministry of Foreign Affairs starts preparations for voting abroad

Bulgaria's Foreign Ministry has started organizing the parliamentary elections abroad so that Bulgarians living outside the country can vote despite the difficult epidemic situation , the press center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced...

17.01.21 11:21 |

Postal voting pilot project proposed for Bulgarians abroad

The Public Council with the Central Election Commission believes that elections can be organized amid a pandemic, the council’s chairperson Rositsa Mateva told bTV . Postal voting in Bulgaria should not be planned, because we do not have such..

08.01.21 10:15 |
Vice President Iliana Iotova

Vice President Iliana Iotova: The trials, the crisis, the protests in Bulgaria produced a new atmosphere with an enormous amount of energy for change

2020 was a hard year that left its mark on the relations with our fellow countrymen abroad, says Bulgarian Vice President Iliana Iotova. In an interview for Radio Bulgaria she recapped the policies of the presidential institution with..

01.01.21 05:20 |

Each of our compatriots popularizes or homeland abroad

In 2020 Radio Bulgaria has strengthened its contacts with Bulgarians living abroad. We found out that no matter how far away they live, they all hold Bulgaria deep in their hearts. These people are mainly connected with their homeland..

19.12.20 06:00 |

We need a single national policy with regard to Bulgarians abroad: Vice President Yotova

“One of the reason for our current problems with North  Macedonia is the fact that we don’t have a national policy with regard to our compatriots abroad,” said Vice President Iliana Yotova at the last meeting for the year of the Council for Work..

17.12.20 16:07 |

Agency for Bulgarians Abroad has held "Lyubka Rondova" contest

Children from Taraclia in Moldova were presented awards by the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad. In the 11th edition of the children's and youth contest of the singing agency "Lyubka Rondova," there were 72 performances by 39 individual..

02.10.20 11:28 |
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