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Martin Chilev

Bulgarians abroad identify with protests in their home country

We are going out in the streets to protest against corruption, for democratic future and for the future generations of Bulgaria. We want to show empathy with the zeal of the Bulgarian people and the young people in particular, Martin Chilev who lives..

02.09.20 12:54 |

Bulgarians abroad in 9 countries on protest today

Today, Bulgarians abroad are protesting again in various parts of the world, demanding the resignation of the government and the chief prosecutor, as well as the introduction of machine voting in Bulgaria. Demonstrations are planned to be held today in..

16.08.20 12:09 |
Bulgarians protesting in Munich on 6 August

Bulgarians plan protests in 10 countries this weekend

Bulgarians living in other countries are once again planning large-scale protests this weekend to demand the resignation of the government and of the prosecutor general, as well as electronic voting. The demonstrations will take place in 24..

08.08.20 11:38 |

Bulgarians abroad plan protest in front of European Commission

Every day, Bulgarians protest in different parts of the world in solidarity with their compatriots in the homeland, who have been protesting in the streets for a month demanding the resignation of the government and the chief prosecutor...

07.08.20 14:27 |

Bulgarians in Berlin prepare protest in front of Chancellery building

The protests of the Bulgarians in Berlin with the demand for the resignation of the Bulgarian government and the prosecutor general from August 6 will be held during working hours in front of the German Chancellery building as of August 6, BNR reports...

03.08.20 12:47 |

Bulgarians abroad join anti-government protests in Bulgaria

Hundreds of Bulgarians abroad are going out on protest under the slogan "You are not alone!", Veselka Hristova from the BNR reports. United in joint protest processions, Bulgarians living in different part of the world join the demands of the..

02.08.20 12:39 |

Bulgarians abroad get ready for protest relay

Protests calling for the resignation of the government and the chief prosecutor in Bulgaria have a growing response abroad - both among foreign media and the Bulgarian diaspora. Bulgaria remains in the hearts of all of our compatriots, but..

01.08.20 07:30 |

More and more Bulgarians abroad want governance model changed

More and more Bulgarians abroad have been supporting the anti-government protests which have been raging throughout Bulgarian for 12 days. They too want their voice to be heard, and are organizing protests on social media to state that..

20.07.20 11:17 |

Life in Yafo, the Bulgarian capital of Israel under quarantine

They call Yafo (Jaffa) “the Bulgarian capital of Israel” even though there are practically no young people left there who are descendants of immigrants from Bulgaria. It is thought to be one of the oldest settlements in the world with..

09.05.20 06:45 |

142,000 Bulgarians have returned home during the state of emergency

After the introduction of the state of emergency in Bulgaria on March 13, by the end of March, a total of 142,093 Bulgarians have returned to the country , the Border Police Chief Commissioner Svetlan Kichikov from Bulgaria's Border Police reports...

02.04.20 12:59 |
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